Decorating cakes

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Cookie cutter ANIMAL 23,5 cm, green, Lékué
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Cookie cutter HEART 25 cm, red, Lékué
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Cookie cutter CHRISTMAS TREE, 27 cm, green, Lékué
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Cookie cutter SNOWFLAKE, 23,5 cm, blue, Lékué
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Cookie cutters, set of 3 pcs, Lékué
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Christmas cookie cutters, gift set, Lékué
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The art of decorating your cakes

What do I need for cake decorating?

Cake decorating is an art, but apart from manual skills and creativity you also need some tools to be able to decorate your cakes beautifully.

Cookies Cutter

A Cookie cutter is a tool for cutting out creative shapes from cookie dough. Depending on the size and design, they let you cut out single cookie shapes or many exactly the same shapes depicting, stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc. Cookie cutters are often made of metal or plastic, and sometimes have handles that make it easier to push and cut the shapes precisely. When the cookies are baked and when they cool down, you may start decorating them.

Piping Bags

Confectionary sleeves are a necessary piece of cake decorating equipment if you plan to adorn your cake. A piping bag is an often cone- or triangle-shaped container made of cloth, plastic, paper, etc., that is squeezed by hand and used for a variety of purposes to push semi-solid items through a small aperture at one end that is frequently equipped with a shaped nozzle.

Icing Nozzles

You can ice your cakes with a wide range of beautiful designs owing to the availability of icing nozzles in a variety of sizes and shapes. Perfect for putting royal icing on celebration cakes, twirling buttercream on cupcakes, and adding detail to your design, icing nozzles are mounted to the piping bag. The icing nozzles are available in a variety of designs, including basketweave, star-shaped, round, drop flower, and leaf nozzles, among others.

Icing and decorating spatulas

Narrow, flexible, long decorating spatulas for evenly spreading frosting on the cake

At Kulina, you can get different accessories for decorating your cakes from such manufacturers like de Buyer and Lékué, available in a variety of colours and materials.