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Flower pots – the best design for your indoor plants

What are flower Pots used for?

A flowerpot sometimes referred to as a planter or plant pot, is a container used for growing and displaying flowers and other plants. Flowerpots are frequently made of materials including plastic, ceramic, brass, stoneware, metal or steel and come in different styles and colours.

Typically, flowerpots include holes in the bottom that enable extra water to drain, sometimes to a matching saucer underneath the flowerpot. The plant's roots can utilize this water if necessary.

There are also modern self-watering flowerpots with a water reservoir. If you are looking for this kind of pot check out the self-watering flowerpots by Eva Solo.

What purposes does a flower pot serve?

In contrast to flower stands, which are primarily utilized to exhibit flowers, flowerpots may be used for a variety of purposes, including moving plants to different locations, beginning seeds, cultivating plants on patios and indoors, growing delicate plants indoors in colder climates, or simply showing off your indoor plants as part of home decoration.

How do I know the best flower pot to select?

Here are a few tips for selecting a flower pot:

  • size counts

Determining the size of the flowerpot is the first step in choosing a new pot for your home. How to choose the right size? If you need to replant your plants, for those growing in pots with a diameter of 10cm or less, increase the pot size by 1 to 2 cm. Increase the pot size by 2 or 3cm in diameter for larger plants, growing in bigger pots.

  • drainage is crucial

For many indoor plants, it is essential to choose a pot with a drainage mechanism so that the soil doesn't stay overly wet after watering your plants. The watering of plants can be as stylish as the plants themselves thanks to a wide offer of modern watering cans.

  • choose your design

Pick a flowerpot whose appearance and texture you adore. Choose a style that matches the style of your interior. Today, ceramic pots are the most common type used for indoor plants. They come in a variety of shapes, hues, and sizes. Plastic pots are lightweight and come in various colours and designs. They are also a low-cost option and simple to maintain.

At the Kulina store, we have a wide selection of flower pots from renowned manufacturers like Blomus, Eva Solo, Hübsch and Rosendahl in various sizes, styles, and materials.