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Knife set, 3 pcs, Victorinox
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Knife set, 3 pcs, Victorinox
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Carving set, Wüsthof
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Carving set, Wüsthof
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Knife block 26 cm, brown, wood, F.DICK
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Knife Sets – all the knives you need in one set

How do knife sets work?

The three fundamental knives: a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife (serrated knife) should be included in every basic knife set. A knife set may have 2–13 pieces. Each item of a knife set, if it's the appropriate one for you, will be functional in your kitchen.

Selecting the ideal knife sets?

When purchasing a knife set, one needs a shopping guide as there are many factors to take into account, but comfort is crucial; each knife should function and feel like an extension of the user's hand.

  • Material

The most common material for blades is stainless steel, while when it comes to handles we can choose between stainless steel, wood, bamboo and plastic.

  • Weight

Knife weight is a matter of preference. A chef's knife, for instance, should, in the opinion of the majority of experts, have some weight to it, but you don't want one that is so heavy that it puts undue pressure on your wrists. Depending on your spec, you will find 8-36 cm sizes of knife sets on kulina.

Brands for your knife set

The type of brand you choose to buy from is crucial since it affects the knives' quality and lifespan. WMF, Wusthof, Zwilling are some of the best brands available on Kulina store.

Some knife sets from our offer come with knife blocks which are very useful, make it possible for your knife set to be always at hand and provide a safe storage solution for your knives' blades. There are also knife sets that come with elegant wooden boxes which make great gifts for all cooking lovers or newlyweds.

How do I maintain my knives' sharpness?

You can sharpen your knife yourself in three different ways with a knife sharpener - manual knife sharpener (commonly known as a "pull through sharpener"), electric knife sharpener or a whetstone which is the most accurate method of sharpening a knife.

Where is the best place to keep my knife set?

There are three fundamental ways to properly store kitchen knives in general. You can put them on wall-mounted magnetic strips, in drawers, or in countertops knife block racks. All of these options are regarded as secure for storing knives, but the ideal choice often relies on how well your kitchen is set up.