Crepe pans

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Crepe pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 24 cm, steel, de Buyer
48,29 €
Crepe pan NATURAL FORCE G2663872 25 cm, Tefal
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28,79 €
Crepe pan ULTIMATE G2683872 25 cm, Tefal
34,56 € –20 %
27,64 €
Crepe pan 24 cm, steel, de Buyer
47,57 €
Crepe pan CHOC B BOIS 26 cm, de Buyer
110,59 € –14 %
95 €
Crepe pan CHOCK B BOIS 30 cm, de Buyer
114,12 € –16 %
95 €
Crepe pan MINERAL B BOIS 24cm, de Buyer
72,35 € –17 %
60 €
Crepe pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 26 cm, de Buyer
58,71 € –27 %
42,69 €
Omelette pan MINERAL B 20 cm, de Buyer
49,41 € –14 %
42,08 €
Pancake pan MINERAL B 26 cm, de Buyer
144 €

Crepe pans - for the joy of eating

Crêpe pans are perfect tools for all lovers of crêpes and fans of sweet breakfasts. A good crêpe pan may also be an indispensable kitchen helper for all parents of kids who will not even hear about anything but crêpes for breakfast (check which crepe pans parents usually buy in Kulina and see our bestsellers in this category here)

What is a crepe pan?

A crêpe pan is a French-inspired flat pan that allows the preparation of delicious crepes in just minutes. A pan for making crêpes is usually characterised by:

  • round thin and heavy bottom that ensures consistent heat and even cooking
  • shallow edges
  • non-stick surface
  • long handle

Flat design of the pan and long handle make it easy to spread the batter (preferably with a crêpe spreader) and to flip pancakes with a spatula.

What else can you cook with a crepe pan?

A crêpe pan may be used not only for making delicate crepes, pancakes, omelettes or tortillas but also for searing meats, cooking fish and sautéing vegetables. If you choose an oven-safe pan, you will be able to extend the range of your dishes even more.

Therefore in Kulina we offer a wide selection of crêpe pans as well as omlette pans made from steel, aluminium or iron. We are sure that they will help you make perfect, thin pancakes whenever you feel like having something sweet or savoury for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Among our favourites are legendary iron crêpe pans by French brand de Buyer, which specialises in perfect crêpes and high-quality cooking pans. Their pans are suitable for all types of cookers and if you prefer a steel crepe pan check their Mineral B Element series among which you will find crepe pans that will last a lifetime.

Make sure to also check our selection of pancake pans which will make your kids even happier and read our complete guide on pans here.