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Steak cutlery – knives and forks for your perfectly done steaks

What is steak cutlery?

Steak cutlery is a special type of cutlery designed for the comfortable and effective cutting of steaks and other pieces of meat. Steak knives and forks are made to cut steaks quickly and precisely.

The steak fork has usually three extra-long, pointed teeth which are great for picking up a piece of meat and holding it while cutting.

Steak knives are well-balanced and have serrated or non-serrated very sharp blades. Serrated blades with a series of sharp teeth, separated by grooves may slice tough layers of meat easily because the sharp teeth create many small tears to reduce friction. So you can slice meat without pushing too hard. Non-serrated blades are better for soft cuts of meat and they get dull faster, though are easier to sharpen.

What makes good steak cutlery?

Sharp steak knives, either serrated or not, just like steak forks must feel good in the hand, be solid, and have good balance. You don't want to jerk an expensive, perfectly cooked steak with a weak knife.

Below are a few tips for getting suitable steak cutlery:

  • Comfort: You want to be able to enjoy your dinner so choose models with soft, curved handles made of stainless steel or wood that are ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of eating.
  • Storage and upkeep: In order for your steak knives to remain sharp and effective you need to store them safely. Some manufacturers offer steak cutlery sets in nice and elegant storage cases that would also be great if you want to offer steak cutlery as a present for a meat lover.
  • Some steak cutlery can be hand-washed or cleaned in the dishwasher, but we always recommend hand-wash of all your precious items in the kitchen and proper, quality steak cutlery is certainly one of the kitchen treasures.
  • Brand Reputation and Experience: In the cutlery market, there are well-known brands with a lot of experience. Steak knives and forks are only one of the things they provide that are of the highest calibre, are long-lasting, simple to use, and effective. Some of these reliable brands are WMF, Laguiole or F.DICK. You can shop for these products in our store.