Bread bins

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Bread bin 30 x 23 cm, with wooden lid/cutting board, Continenta CONT3930
Bread bin 34,5 x 23 cm, with lid/cutting board, Continenta CONT3141
Bread bin 43 x 25 cm, bamboo, WMF
163 €
Bread bin 9 l, grey, Eva Solo
69,95 € –20 %
55,30 €
Bread bin 9 l, sand, Eva Solo
69,95 € –16 %
58,35 €
Bread bin EMMA 23 cm, grey, Stelton
109 € –21 %
85,49 €
181337 chlebnik gnam alessi 30 cm cerny 1
68 €
181145 chlebnik gnam alessi 30 cm bily 1
68 €
Bread bin HERITAGE 34 cm, creme, steel, Mason Cash MSC2002251
Bread bin ROLL TOP 31,6 cm, shiny steel, Brabantia
52,25 €
Bread bin ROLL TOP 32 cm, matt steel, Brabantia
52,25 €
Bread bin ROLL TOP 32 cm, white, Brabantia
54 € –5 %
51,13 €
Bread bin ROLL TOP 44,5 cm, platinum, Brabantia
47,78 €
Bread bin ROLL TOP, beige, stainless steel, Brabantia
43,71 €
Bread bin, with cutting board, light grey, Brabantia
65 € –7 %
60,38 €

Bread bins - a stylish way to make your bread keep fresh for longer

Bread bins trap the moisture of the bread inside the box, but breathe enough to ensure the bread doesn't rot. If you haven't already invested in a good bread bin for your home, now is a good time to do so.

For most of us, bread forms an integral part of our daily diets and lives. Whether it's a soft brioche bun or your favourite parmesan and herb-crusted bread, there's not a day that we fail to relish this bounty.

Preserving the softness, moistness, crunchiness and freshness of bread can be challenging in modern kitchens and homes. Not anymore, though. With high-quality bread bins at home, you will never go short of delicious bread to quell your appetite.

Bread bins are a good investment for your kitchen because they help preserve the original characteristics of the bread and baked products you enjoy the most. After all, who doesn’t relish the delectable taste of the crispy crust of a slice of soft crumbly bread at meal times?

Are bread boxes worth having in the kitchen?

One of the most effective ways of keeping bread fresh and tasty, crunchy and moist, is to place it in a bread bin. Kulina has a wide variety of bread bins in its range. They usually feature a tight seal to preserve the freshness of your loaves, buns and other baked products for a long time.

How long do bread bins make loaves last?

When you store a quality loaf in a bread container, you can count on it remaining fresh for a minimum of three days. This means that bread bins are not only very practical but also money-saving because there is less waste generated. And when it comes to serving your bread to the table we also offer some practical and durable cutting boards and stylish bread baskets that will make an attractive addition to your dining room table during meal times. Practical and attractive is also great news for the look and style of your kitchen. What could be better?

Do all kinds of bread remain fresh in a bread bin?

Yes, you can keep any type of bread fresh in a bread bin. The dry and often dark interior maintains the right balance of moisture and air circulation to keep the loaf moist and soft on the inside and crunchy and crispy on the outside.

What are the best brands for bread bins?

Brabantia and WMF offer a wide selection of bread bins in a variety of attractive designs. The choice comes down to your personal sense of style and taste! We wish you good luck choosing.