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Can opener TIN UP with plastic handle WMF
21,99 € –0 %
21,90 €
Citrus peeler GOURMET 12 cm, WMF
7,99 € –1 %
7,90 €
Kitchen tongs INGENIO, Tefal
14,99 €
Meat Fork FOUR STAR 18 cm, Zwilling
93,99 € –25 %
70,49 €
Steamer insert CONVIVIO 24 cm, stainless steel, Alessi
Vegetable peeler JULIENNE DUO, Joseph Joseph
12 €
Asparagus peeler GOOD GRIPS 11 cm, green, plastic, OXO OXO11244600
Can opener CAN-DO PLUS, white handle, Joseph Joseph
24,49 €
Can opener DUO, red, Joseph Joseph
18 €
Can opener GOOD GRIPS 18 cm, black, plastic, OXO
18,90 €
Can opener PIVOT 20172 3 in 1, white Joseph Joseph
19,49 €
Can opener PRO, Zwilling
Can opener PRO, Zwilling
In stock (10 pcs)
39,49 €
Can opener STEEL 19 cm, silver, stainless steel, OXO
29,20 €
Can opener, black, Victorinox
20 €
Can opener, red, Victorinox
20 €
Citrus peeler GOOD GRIPS 13 cm, black, plastic, OXO
10,20 €
Citrus zester PROFI PLUS, WMF
16,99 € –0 %
16,90 €
Cooking tweezers 40 cm, olive wood, Continenta
16,49 €
Egg poacher GOOD GRIPS, set of 2 pcs, yellow, silicone, OXO OXO11207000
Egg poacher, orange, Lékué
13,50 €
Egg tongs O-TONGS, set of 2 pcs, Joseph Joseph
15 €
Fish bone tweezers 15 cm, stainless steel, Rösle ROS25065
Fish bone tweezers 16 cm, F.Dick
22,60 €
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Other kitchen tools – cook like a pro

What are kitchen tools?

Kitchen tools, as you probably well know, are hand-held appliances used mostly in the kitchen for food preparation - you will find all of them on the Kulina website, under the category kitchen equipment but we also have additional kitchen tools featured under the category here to simplify cooking, baking, cleaning, and storing. Even the simplest chores, like straining pasta or measuring dry ingredients, can be difficult without the proper kitchen equipment and utensils, so make sure you collect all the necessary equipment. You can also read our shopping guide on 10 kitchen essentials here.

Our collection of kitchen tools includes everything from mezzalunas to simple instruments like scissors. On Kulina, you can get all the supplies you need to stock your kitchen from top brands such as WMF, Zwilling, Eva Solo, etc.

What are the types of Kitchen tools available and what they are for?

There is a vast selection of kitchen tools available on Kulina and some are listed below:

  • Can openers: They cut through the lid of the can to open it.
  • Peelers: A peeler is a kitchen tool used for effortlessly removing the outer skin or rind of fruits and vegetables.
  • Kitchen scissors: These multipurpose tools are used in the kitchen for a variety of tasks including trimming meat, cutting herbs, and opening packaging.
  • Meat mallets: These are used to flatten or pound the meat to make it softer.
  • Rolling pins: These are tools for flattening and rolling out the dough for baking or frying.
  • Mortars: These tools are used to pulverise and grind food, especially spices, and herbs.
  • Flambéing tool: These are used in the showy culinary method of burning alcohol-based liquids in food for flavour and display.
  • Steamer baskets: These are used to steam vegetables, seafood, or other foods by placing them in the basket over boiling water.
  • Kitchen tongs are also a multipurpose culinary implement used for holding, turning, and serving a variety of meals.
  • Mezzalunas: These two-handed, curved knives are used to cut herbs, vegetables, and other items.
  • Lastly, we have the meat skewers are long wooden/metal sticks that are used to thread and cook meat or vegetable dishes.