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Váleček GRIP-PIN 40108 Joseph Joseph 40 cm
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Rolling pins – give your dough the desired thickness and texture

What are rolling pins used for?

A rolling pin is a cylinder-shaped cooking implement with two handles on both ends that are used for flattening and shaping the dough. In baking but also in cooking (dumplings for example), rolling pins are often used to roll out dough to the desired thickness for cookies, pastries, etc. A rolling pin is often used by bakers alongside a dough scrapper and a baking sheet.

In Kulina we offer you quality rolling pins, including rolling pins from the renowned brand Joseph Joseph that will help you roll out your dough to the desired thickness and size thanks to adjustable discs and integrated measure.

What are the 2 types of rolling pins?

There are two major types of rolling pins which are rod-style rolling pins and french-style rolling pins.

Rod-style rolling pins: These rolling pins often have a long, narrow cylinder form and are constructed of solid wood or metal. They are simple to use and perfect not only for rolling out delicate pastry dough but also crushing hard foods like almonds, cookies and crackers. The grips at each end make it easy to roll and ensure a comfortable grip and full control.

French-style rolling pins: These rolling pins have a tapering form with narrower ends and a thicker middle and are often constructed of one single piece of wood. They lack handles and instead use the rolling pin's weight and the user's pressure to roll out the dough.

Should a rolling pin be heavy?

The answer is... it depends! A heavier rolling pin can help apply more pressure to the dough, which can be useful when working with thicker dough. It could also be useful when attempting to smooth down dough that is springy.

For delicate doughs though, like puff pastry or phyllo dough, a lighter rolling pin will be better since it's simpler to manipulate. Also, a lighter rolling pin requires less effort and can be more comfortable to use.

To sum up, the choice of a perfect rolling pin depends on your personal preferences, your most popular recipes and the results you want to achieve.

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