Paper towel holders

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Paper towel holder, black, Eva Solo
57,50 € –20 %
46 €
Kitchen foil dispenser, WMF
32,90 €
Kitchen towel holder WIRES, Blomus
22,39 €
Paper towel holder 28 cm, dark blue, Bitz
37 €
Paper towel holder COLO, creamy, Blomus
25,45 €
Paper towel holder COLO, dark grey, Blomus
25,45 €
Paper towel holder COLO, light grey, Blomus
25,45 €
Paper towel holder DEPOT, WMF
43,90 €
Paper towel holder DUO, grey, Joseph Joseph
26 €
Paper towel holder GOURMET, WMF
43,90 €
Paper towel holder HAMMERSHOI, anthracite grey, Kähler KHL693036
Paper towel holder HAMMERSHOI, indigo, Kähler
56,95 €
Paper towel holder HAMMERSHOI, white, Kähler
56,95 €
Paper towel holder LOOP, silver, Blomus
50,95 €
Paper towel holder PUSH & TEAR, Joseph Joseph
31 €
Paper towel holder WIRES, grey, Blomus
22,39 €
Paper towel holder, black, Bitz
45 €
Paper towel holder, Continenta
22,49 €
Paper towel holder, green, Bitz
43 €
Paper towel stand MIAOU, cosmic black, Koziol
24,95 €
Paper towel stand MIAOU, white cotton, Koziol
25 €
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Paper Towel Holders - organise your kitchen space

Why are paper towels and their holders essential in the kitchen?

Paper towel holders are one of the essential kitchen organisers. Why? The active use of paper towels in the kitchen promotes hygiene, especially when cooking. Paper towels are very effective at removing 77% of the bacteria from your hands, even after washing them vigorously with soap. Surprisingly, even hand dryers fail to achieve the same result. The reason for this is the bacteria that collects on the inner surfaces of the dryers.

You use paper towels in the kitchen not only to dry your hands but also to wipe down cupboard tops and kitchen worktops, electric cooktops or any other surface that needs to be wiped or dried.

Unfortunately, a paper towel is not the best view in your kitchen. Moreover, it keeps falling off the worktop and it's difficult to tear off a piece of the towel with dirty hands. But, there is a perfect solution for that - and it's a modern and stylish paper towel holder!

The advantages of paper towel holder

  • well organised space
  • it is easy to tear off one piece of paper towel with one hand
  • the roll doesn't tip over
  • elegant design

Paper towel holders - a great solution with a style

The sleek and compact designs of the paper towel holders Kulina has in stock make them easy and nice to place anywhere. Whether placed directly on the kitchen counter, in a kitchen cabinet or mounted on a wall, paper towel holders are a practical solution for every kitchen.

Paper towel holders are available in a number of different styles and materials and they make your kitchen look organised, neat and tidy. Kulina offers a variety of brands, including Blomus, Joseph Joseph and WMF, that offer a range of attractive and practical designs.

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