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Organic cayenne pepper 45 g, Mill & Mortar
7,73 €
Organic szechuan pepper 30 g, whole, Mill & Mortar
8,49 €
Organic tonka beans 20 g, whole, Mill & Mortar
8,49 €
Salty liquorice 110 g, Lie Gourmet
6,50 €
Candied violets 40 g, Mill & Mortar
7,49 €
Gold dust 10 g, Mill & Mortar
8,49 €
Kandyan Curry 50 g, Mill & Mortar
8,49 €
Organic Pul Biber chilli 45 g, flakes, Mill & Mortar
8,49 €
Organic spice blends RAS EL HANOUT 55 g, Mill & Mortar MM13111
Organic spice blends ZA'ATAR 40 g, Mill & Mortar
8,99 €
Organic triple lemon pepper 50 g, Mill & Mortar
8,99 €
Balsamic vinegar 200 ml, neutral, Lie Gourmet
9,25 €
Balsamic vinegar 200 ml, raspberry, Lie Gourmet
9,25 €
Balsamic vinegar 200 ml, white, Lie Gourmet
9,25 €
Black pepper 80 g, crushed, Lie Gourmet
8,60 €
Candied rose 40 g, Mill & Mortar
7,49 €
Dried flowers 3 g, marigolds and corn flowers, Lie Gourmet LIE275
Dried flowers 6 g, rose petals, Lie Gourmet
5,75 €
Gift set, chilli salt and black pepper, Lie Gourmet
19,25 €
Glitter dust BLING BLING, set of 3, Mill & Mortar
29,99 €
Chilli HOTTER THAN HOT, set of 3, Mill & Mortar
28,99 €
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Pepper, gourmet peppers and spices – they can make magic in your kitchen. See how!

Pepper together with salt are the most popular condiments that have been used to season our dishes for thousands of years. Every chef would probably even say that salt and pepper are one of mankind’s greatest friends!

In Kulina we offer you a wide range of gourmet peppers and flavoursome mixes of white, black and red peppercorns, as well as some premium spice mixes that will enhance the taste of the dishes you serve and that will look great in your kitchen or on the table.

Should you use a spice mill?

When serving pepper or other spices to the table make sure they are freshly ground. Why? Whole peppercorns, herbs and other spices contain essential oils that make them taste amazing and these oils are released while you use the spice grinder.

Pepper mixes by Nicolas Vahe – a specialist in simple tastes and premium quality specialities for your kitchen - are equipped with ceramic grinders that ensure the best flavour and aroma of your meals.

The peppers and spices offered in Kulina will look great on your kitchen worktop, kitchen shelves, on the table and in the garden during your barbecue party. You can also bring some elegant gourmet pepper or spice blend with you to your friend's house as a small, good-looking and tasteful gift.

What can you use pepper and spices for?

Use our gourmet peppers or spice blends to spice up all types of dishes, even the simplest ones! You can use pepper mixes to spice:

  • meats, fish and vegetables
  • pasta dishes
  • salads and salad dressings
  • soups
  • stir-fires
  • scrambled eggs
  • avocado toasts