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Lunch jar JAR TO GO ORGANIC 400 ml, stone, Lékué
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Lunch jar JAR TO GO ORGANIC 600 ml, creamy, Lékué
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Bento box ORIGINAL 6 fifi pink / Paris , 625 ml, Yumbox YBFPI202210P
Dressing shaker 250 ml, glass, Eva Solo
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Lunch box MASTER SEAL TO GO 1 l, green, Tefal
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Lunch box MASTER SEAL TO GO 1,2 l, green, Tefal
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Smoothie bottle MASTER SEAL TO GO 300 ml, Tefal
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Yoghurt bottle MASTER SEAL TO GO 450 ml, Tefal
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Bento box ORIGINAL 6 hazy gray / paris, 625 ml, Yumbox YBHGI202303P
Bento box ORIGINAL 6 matcha green / funny monsters, 625 ml, Yumbox YBMGI202303F
Bento box PANINO 4 hazy blue / panther, 750 ml, Yumbox YBHBII202303N
Bento box PANINO 4 tropical aqua / panther, 750 ml, Yumbox YBTAII202303N
Cooler bag LUNCHBAG TO GO 4 l, grey, Lékué
16,98 €
Cooler bag LUNCHBAG TO GO 4 l, grey, Lékué
16,98 €
Cooler bag LUNCHBAG TO GO 4 l, sand, Lékué
16,98 €
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Lunchbox - a travelling man best friend

Lunchbox is a type of a food storage container you use when you want to eat homemade meals on the go. This container must accommodate our food, protect it from crushing and make carrying it easy for you.

A lunchbox may be quite useful for many various situations, such as taking your own snacks and meals to school, work, picnics or the beach (for this, also check out our travel coolers too for your vacations

What should I look for when buying a lunchbox?

The following qualities have to be among your top criteria when choosing a lunchbox:

1. Make sure it's BPA-free

We've all heard of Bisphenol A, the dangerous industrial chemical used in the production of resins and plastics. This substance can lead to major health problems like cancer and problems with the prostate gland. To guarantee your family's safety, it is crucial that you opt for a set made of BPA-free plastic.

2. Do you like sauces or dressings? Choose a leakproof lunchbox

Leakproof lunch boxes are ideal for people who enjoy eating hot soup, stews, or sauces with their meals. The leakproof lunchbox helps avoid any leaking since it is difficult to maintain the lunch box upright, keeping your bag and meal clean.

3. Make sure the size of your lunchbox is right

The amount of food you want to pack determines the size of the lunch box. A large lunchbox or set of containers will be perfect for you if you need to pack both lunch and a variety of snacks for the day. Kulina also offers a wide selection of smaller lunchboxes ideal for people who often eat on the go and only need to pack a sandwich.

At Kulina we have an extensive selection of lunchboxes from a variety of reputable manufacturers, including Lekue, Alessi, Brabantia, Yumbox, and Koziol. Our lunch containers feature leak-proof lids, elegant design, easy cleaning and portability. Some also have separate compartments to keep ingredients separate.

What accessories can accompany your lunchbox?

Other lunchbox or travelling accessories you should buy alongside the lunchbox itself are:

A cooler bag or a travel cooler - in addition to protecting the lunchbox and its contents, keeps the food inside the containers at the right temperature. If you live in a country with hot summer days or if you are planning a vacation in a hot climate, a cooling bag is even more essential

A water bottle - The most important drink you or your child should consume during the day is water. It keeps you hydrated without causing your blood sugar to rise or fall, as other drinks contribute to. Choose a sturdy and stylish water bottle that will be a pleasure to use.