Nachtmann stands for elegant, luxurious crystal glass that will become a decoration of your table - both every day and on special occasions. Glasses, decanters, bowls, wine and whisky glasses, vases - choose timeless classics.
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Whisky glass SHU FA 330 ml, set of 4 pcs, Nachtmann
30,09 €
Champagne glasses NOBLESSE, set of 4, 150 ml, clear, Nachtmann NM104248
Long drink glass BOSSA NOVA, set of 4 pcs, 400 ml, Nachtmann NM92075
Long drink glass SCULPTURE, set of 4 pcs, 420 ml, Nachtmann NM101967
Long drink glass SQUARE, set of 4 pcs, 445 ml, Nachtmann NM101049
Whisky glass PUNK 330 ml, copper, Nachtmann
21 € –22 %
16,26 €
Whisky glass PUNK 330 ml, gunmetal, Nachtmann
21 € –22 %
16,26 €
Serving bowl ETHNO 750 ml, blue, glass, Nachtmann
19,90 €
Tapas bowl APERITIVO 330 ml, set of 2 pcs, clear, Nachtmann
Tapas bowl ETHNO 190 ml, set of 4 pcs, clear, Nachtmann
Water glass ETHNO 304 ml, set of 2 pcs, black, Nachtmann
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Nachtmann - the best Bavarian crystal

Nachtmann is a well-known brand in the world of crystal glassware, famous for its exceptional quality and unique designs. The brand has been producing fine crystal products for more than 180 years, and it is known for its precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.

History of the Nachtmann brand

The Nachtmann brand has its roots in the Bavarian Forest of Germany, where it was founded in 1834. The stylized N in the NACHTMANN logo stands for the initial in the name of the founder, Joh. Michael Nachtmann. The brand quickly became famous for its high-quality crystal products and soon expanded its reach to international markets.

In 2004, the Nachtmann brand was acquired by Riedel, a renowned Austrian crystal glassware company. This merger allowed Nachtmann to expand its product range and further enhance its reputation for exceptional quality.

Materials used in production

Nachtmann uses only the finest raw materials in the production of its crystal glassware. The brand's glass is made from a special type of crystal that is renowned for its clarity and brilliance. This crystal is also highly durable, ensuring that Nachtmann's products can be enjoyed for years to come.

Nachtmann’s product range

Nachtmann offers a wide range of crystal glassware products, including different types of glasses - wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne flutes, and whisky glasses but also bowls, snack serving bowls and cake plates. Each product is designed to enhance the drinking experience and elevate the presentation of the beverage.

What's so special about Nachtmann's whisky glasses and a Punk series

Nachtmann's whisky glasses are particularly noteworthy for their bold design. The brand's designers have created a range of whisky glasses that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. These glasses are designed to enhance the aroma and flavour of the whisky, creating a truly exceptional drinking experience.

The Nachtmann Punk series is a collection of crystal glassware that features a strikingly unique design. The collection includes a whiskey tumbler, a long drink tumbler, and a beer mug, each of which features a bold, punk-inspired pattern etched into the crystal. The design is edgy and modern, making the Punk series a popular choice for those who are looking to add a touch of personality to their drinkware collection. Despite its unconventional design, the Punk series is still crafted with the same precision and attention to detail as all of Nachtmann's products, ensuring that each glass is of the highest quality.

German Design Award for Nachtmann’s SPHERE glass series

In 2016, Nachtmann's SPHERE glass series was awarded the prestigious German Design Award (The series was awarded within the "Special Mention" category). Before it has bestowed a Red Dot Design Award in 2015, and the Bayerischer Staatspreis in 2014, for its excellent design. This series features a range of beautifully crafted glassware products, including whisky glasses, champagne flutes, and wine glasses. Each product in the series is characterized by its unique spherical shape, which is both visually stunning and functional.

Why do people appreciate Nachtmann's design?

People appreciate Nachtmann's design because it is both elegant and functional. The brand's crystal glassware is designed to enhance the drinking experience and elevate the presentation of the beverage. Additionally, Nachtmann's products are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability, making them a wise investment for those who appreciate fine crystal glassware.

In conclusion, Nachtmann is a brand that has been producing exceptional crystal glassware products for more than 180 years. The brand's use of high-quality materials, precision craftsmanship, and bold design has made it a favourite among crystal glassware enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're looking for wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne flutes, or whisky glasses, Nachtmann has a product that will enhance your drinking experience and elevate the presentation of your beverage.