Washing dishes

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Sink caddy with liquid soap dispenser, grey, Brabantia BRAB302602
Sink caddy SINK AID, grey, Joseph Joseph
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Dish brush 23 cm, black, plastic, Eva Solo
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Dish brush 23 cm, gray, plastic, Eva Solo
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Dish brush AVES, set of 4 pcs, wood, Blomus
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Dish brush, black, Eva Solo
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Dish brush, grey, Eva Solo
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Dish cloth 50 x 40 cm, microfibre, WMF
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Dishcloth holder 5,5 cm, silver, Eva Solo
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Dishwashing set, 4 pcs, black, Eva Solo
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Dishwashing soap SATOMI CLEAN CUCUMBER 1 l, Blomus
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Dishwashing soap SATOMI CLEAN CUCUMBER 500 ml, Blomus
Dustpan and brush set SWEEP, Eva Solo
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Microfibre cloth CRISTAL, L'Atelier du Vin
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Sink caddy CADDY, blue, Joseph Joseph
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Washing balls, ceramics, L'Atelier du Vin
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Carafe brush, WMF
Carafe brush, WMF
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Washing Dishes - products and accessories that can turn this household chore into a pleasure

Why should you wash dishes straight away?

Doing the dishes straight away helps to promote good hygiene and the health of your family. Although the thought of leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight is very tempting, it may lead to unpleasant smells and the growth of dangerous bacteria. What's more, leaving dirty dishes may destroy the coating of your pots and pans and if you've invested your money in them, you would like these products to last for years, right? In addition, scraps of food may attract mice, cockroaches and other pests that are even harder to get rid of than money sooo... let's do the washing now!

In Kulina you will find a wide offer of washing-up products and accessories that will speed up the process and organise your sink area.

Are dishwashing tools an extravagance?

Certainly not! Contrary to popular belief, dishwashing tools are not an extravagance, but an absolute necessity. Without effective dishwashing tools, it is difficult to thoroughly clean scraps of food stuck to plates, cutlery and utensils, and as a result, it takes longer and you don't want to spend your life at the sink, right?

What is the quickest way to wash dishes?

Well, the quickest way to wash the dishes is to put them into a dishwasher. But not all of them are suitable for a dishwasher, you may also not want to use it or simply not have it. With the right tools, it doesn’t take too long to wash and dry dishes after a meal with your own hands. All you need to do is scrape off any excess food, take a dish brush, sponge or cloth and clean the dishes with detergent under running lukewarm water. Then rinse the dishes clean, put them on a dish rack to drip and dry or wipe them dry with a tea towel.

Kulina offers modern high-quality drying racks and washing-up accessories such as soap dispensers, dish brushes, carafe brushes, sink organisers, etc., to keep your kitchen tidy, clean and hygienic. We offer products from some of the best-known brands available currently on the market, such as Joseph Joseph, Brabantia and Eva Solo.

Even though many of us don’t like washing dishes, it is part of our everyday lives. So why not make your task easier with some handy dishwashing tools from Kulina? With these highly functional and useful dishwashing accessories, you'll finish in a second and be able to relax after a meal on the sofa, drinking your favourite tea.