Sauce bowls

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Miska na omáčku Fade 8 cm písková MIJ
5,49 €
Oil carafe 500 ml, drip-free, Eva Solo
39,95 € –19 %
32,12 €
Oil dispenser MY FLAVOUR 500 ml, Eva Solo
44,95 € –19 %
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Ramekin miska Fade 9 cm 110 ml MIJ
6,59 €
Sauce boat HAMMERSHOI 660 ml, white, Kähler
49,95 €
Sauce bowl GREEN FADE 100 ml, 8,5 cm, MIJ
6,59 €
Sauce bowl LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
29,95 € –13 %
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Sauce bowl OFF WHITE 9 cm, 110 ml, MIJ
6,59 €
Sauce bowl PEACOCK 20 ml, 8 cm, irregular shape, MIJ
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4,39 €
Sauce bowl RIDGED ALABASTER 9 cm, 20 ml, MIJ
4,39 €
Sauce bowl RIDGED INDIGO 10,5 cm, 160 ml, MIJ
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Sauce bowl SAND GREY 8 cm, 20 ml, MIJ
5,49 €
Sauce bowl STEEL GREY 8 cm, MIJ
5,49 €
Sauce bowl WHITE FADE 8,5 cm, 100 ml, MIJ
6,59 €
Soy sauce dispenser AQUA BLUE 360 ml, blue, MIJ
27,49 €
Soy sauce dispenser BLACK SCROLL 8,5 cm, MIJ
21,99 €
Soy sauce dispenser CRAFT BLACK 250 ml, MIJ
30,79 €
Soy sauce dispenser MODERN WHITE, 110 ml, MIJ
24,99 €
Soy sauce dispenser SOY POT, black, MIJ
24,99 €

Sauce bowls and sauce jugs – small dishes that make a difference

What is a sauce bowl?

A sauce bowl is a tiny bowl that is often used to serve sauces and dips. They usually come in a range of sizes and forms and are constructed of ceramic or porcelain. They are typically used in restaurants, cafés, and households to serve ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, salsa, and other dips or sauces with main courses.

Sauce jugs are small jugs with a handle used to serve hot or cold sauces. They are usually made of porcelain and modern sauce jugs can be also made of stainless steel.

In Kulina you will also find sauce boats or saucières - low jugs with a handle and a boat-like shape in which sauce or gravy is served. They are very elegant and usually used on formal occasions. You can use a sauce boat with a sauce serving spoon.

And if you are looking for a different type of dish make sure you check our serving bowls, milk jugs and dishes for serving snacks.

Why do you need sauce with your dish?

A sauce is a liquid or semiliquid concoction that is either served with food or added to it as it cooks. Sauces add flavour and moisture to the dish, improve the texture of a meal and make your plate look better.

What are the different types of sauces?

There are several types of sauces, each having a special taste, texture, and ingredients. The following are a few of the most popular sauce categories:

  • Tomato-based sauces: These include pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and marinara sauce and are created primarily with tomatoes as an ingredient.
  • Cream-based sauces, such as Alfredo, béchamel, and cheese sauce, are made using cream, milk, or other dairy ingredients.
  • Gravy-based sauces: They are produced with flour and meat drippings and include beef gravy, pork gravy, chicken gravy, and turkey gravy.
  • Pesto-based sauces, such as arugula, sun-dried tomato, and basil pesto, are made using fresh herbs, cheese, nuts, and garlic.
  • Hot sauces: They include Sriracha sauce, Tabasco sauce, and habanero sauce and are produced from chilli peppers.
  • Soy-based sauces: Teriyaki sauce, hoisin sauce, and soy ginger sauce are examples of soy-based sauces that are produced from soy.
  • Fruit-based saues: Mango sauce, apple sauce, and cranberry sauce are a few examples of these sauces that are fruit-based.
  • Hollandaise-based sauces, such as hollandaise, béarnaise, and mayonnaise, are created using eggs and butter.

Ultimately, there are several varieties of sauces available, each with a distinctive flavour and use. Your specific needs and the food you are making will determine the kind of sauce you choose and you will find the right sauce bowl in Kulina. We offer sauce jugs and bowls by reputable brands such as MIJ.