Cosmetic mirrors

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Cosmetic mirror ALONA 20 cm, black, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40142
Cosmetic mirror AVIO 16 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40075
Cosmetic mirror LINEA 18 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40045
Cosmetic mirror MODO, black , Blomus
81,55 €
Cosmetic mirror RENEW soft beige, Brabantia
36,50 € –5 %
34,56 €
Cosmetic mirror SONO, black, Blomus
48,91 €
Cosmetic mirror SONO, cream, Blomus
48,91 €
Cosmetic mirror SONO, dark grey, Blomus
48,91 €
Cosmetic mirror SONO, light grey, Blomus
48,91 €
Cosmetic mirror SONO, white, Blomus
48,91 €
Makeup mirror VISTA 29 cm, five-fold magnification, Blomus BM68948
Pocket mirror RONDO 5 cm, silver, Philippi
26,90 €
Table mirror 28 cm, with tray, grey, Brabantia
36,50 € –7 %
33,65 €
Table mirror 28,3 cm, with tray, white, Brabantia
36,50 € –5 %
34,56 €
Table mirror TOILETPAPER DRILL 17,5 x 23 cm, Seletti SLT17103
Table mirror TOILETPAPER SHIT 17,5 x 23 cm, Seletti SLT17104
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Cosmetic mirrors – a perfect tool for a perfect look

What are cosmetic mirrors?

Cosmetic mirrors, commonly referred to as makeup mirrors or vanity mirrors, are mirrors created specifically to make applying cosmetics and other personal grooming duties easier and more precise.

Some of our mirrors have LED light to help you view your face more clearly and apply cosmetics and other items carefully.

Our cosmetic mirrors are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs and can be mounted on a wall or mirror or simply put on a shelf, bathroom top or drawer. These mirrors have been carefully chosen from famous producers such as Blomus, Brabantia, and Seletti.

What are magnifying cosmetic mirrors?

Magnifying cosmetic mirrors, also known as makeup mirrors, are specialized mirrors that are designed to provide a more detailed and close-up view of the face. These mirrors are typically smaller than regular mirrors and have a magnifying lens that can range from 5x to 15x or more, depending on the specific model.

Magnifying cosmetic mirrors are particularly useful for applying makeup, tweezing eyebrows, and performing other grooming tasks that require a high degree of precision. They can also be helpful for people with vision impairments or for anyone who wants a more detailed view of their skin.

Some magnifying cosmetic mirrors come with built-in lighting, such as LED lights, to provide bright, natural-looking illumination that can mimic natural daylight. This can be particularly helpful for applying makeup, as it allows you to see how your makeup will look in different lighting conditions.

Magnifying cosmetic mirrors are available in a range of sizes and styles, including handheld mirrors, tabletop mirrors, and wall-mounted mirrors. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, and glass, and may be battery-operated or plug-in.

What are the types of cosmetic mirrors available on Kulina?

On Kulina, you can choose from a wide range of cosmetic mirrors that are produced to meet your specific needs. There are several possible kinds, including:

  • Tabletop mirrors: These are the most popular type of cosmetic mirror and are designed to sit on a table or vanity. They can be adjusted to various angles and have a variety of sizes and magnifications.
  • Wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors: This type of mirror is an ideal option if you don't have much counter space because they are made to be hung on a wall. They can be fixed or adjustable and available in a variety of sizes.
  • Compact mirrors: These are small, transportable mirrors that are ideal for touch-ups while on the road. On one side, they typically have a standard mirror, and on the other, a magnifying mirror.
  • Lighted LED cosmetic mirrors: These mirrors include internal lighting that gives the best illumination for doing cosmetics. They can be electrically powered or battery-powered.
  • Suction cup cosmetic mirrors: These mirrors have suction cups that can be used to secure them to a smooth surface like glass or tile. If you're low on space and don't want to permanently attach a mirror, they're a fantastic solution.
  • Mirrors for travel: These are compact, lightweight mirrors that fold up for easy packing.
  • Standing cosmetic mirrors: These full-length mirrors can be positioned at various angles.

Ultimately, your needs and preferences will determine the kind of cosmetic mirror that is best for you.

Cosmetic mirrors are just one type of cosmetic accessory we provide; we also have cosmetic and makeup bags, hair dryer holders, bathroom scales, and bathroom organisers.