The Polarbox is a stylish and convenient vintage-style portable cooler! Pack your drinks and sandwiches and spend the day at the beach or lake just the way you like it. With cold drinks and a fresh snack, time with loved ones will taste even better.

Polarbox - retro coolers for fun lovers

Polarbox, a brand founded in 2015 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who were looking for a cooler that was not only functional but also stylish, has become synonymous with retro travel coolers. The founders of the company wanted to create a product that would be perfect for outdoor adventures, road trips, and beach days. They believed that the market was lacking a travel cooler that was both durable and attractive, and so they set out to create one.

Polarbox coolers are characterised with retro style and interior covered with expanded polystyrene - material characterized by its great lightness and for being an excellent thermal insulator.

The brand's motto is "Stay cool, stay retro," which perfectly sums up its approach to its products. The company believes that a cooler should not just be a functional item but also an accessory that reflects the user's personality and style. Their coolers are thus perfect for adventurous individuals who love to explore the outdoors with style.

Polarbox travel fridges' styles and sizes

Polarbox coolers beautiful and lightweight and are available in two sizes (12 and 20l capacity, corresponding to 15 and 30 cans) and two styles - Classic and Pop. The Classic model is equipped with a leather handle in its natural colour and in the Pop model you choose the colour of the handle. A leather strap can be adjusted in three positions for carrying versatility, comfort and security.

Polarbox coolers' style and design

One of the standout features of Polarbox products is their style and design. The coolers are inspired by the classic coolers of the 1950s and 1960s and come in a range of retro colors, including turquoise, yellow, and pink. The brand has also collaborated with artists to create limited edition designs that are both unique and eye-catching.

Finally, young and adventurous people love Polarbox products because they reflect their personalities and lifestyles. The brand's retro-inspired designs are perfect for those who love vintage style, while the products themselves are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Polarbox coolers are also a great conversation starter, making them the perfect accessory for social events and gatherings.

If you are looking for accessories that can accompany you during your holidays, picnics and days on the beach, Polarbox is a perfect choice.