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Tea infuser MIAOU, cosmic black, Koziol
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Tea infuser MIAOU, royal pink, Koziol
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Tea infuser RUDOLF, cosmic black, Koziol
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Tea infuser TEA BAG S, Eva Solo
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Tea infuser, gold, stainless steel, Lune Tea
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Tea strainer GOURMET 5 cm, WMF
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Tea infusers – a convenient and easy way to brew loose-leaf tea in a single mug

What is a tea infuser and what is it used for?

A tea infuser is a tool used to steep loose-leaf tea. It usually resembles a mesh filter or perforated container, is made of stainless steel, silicone or plastic and is designed to hold loose tea leaves while enabling water to pass through it, infusing the water with the flavor and aroma of the tea. Tea infusers come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, from small mesh balls or basket to much more creative and funny shapes.

How to use a tea infuser? Put an adequate amount of loose tea into the strainer and place it in the mug or cup. Pour over hot water. The infuser can then be taken out, and the tea can be savored once it has steeped. The time of brewing depends on the type of tea and individual preferences.

We have an amazing collection of tea infusers at Kulina that come from well-known manufacturers like Viva Scandinavia, Koziol, and Eva Solo.

Creative tea strainers - a great gift for tea lover

Funny or creative tea strainers are a great way to add some personality and fun to your tea-drinking experience. There are many types of creative tea strainers available on the market, such as animal-shaped strainers, cute character strainers, and even strainers shaped like miniature teapots or teacups. Some tea strainers are designed to float in your cup, adding a whimsical touch to your tea.

If you're looking for a fun and creative tea strainer, you can find them in various materials such as silicone, stainless steel, and even food-grade plastic. They are also available in different colors, sizes, and shapes to fit your preferences.

One of the benefits of using a creative tea strainer is that it can make a great conversation starter. They are also perfect for gifting to a tea-loving friend or family member who enjoys quirky and unique tea accessories.

Overall, creative tea strainers are an excellent way to bring some humor and personality to your tea-making routine, while still providing a functional tool for brewing loose-leaf tea.

Why is loose-leaf tea better than tea bags?

There are various reasons why loose-leaf tea is often seen as superior to tea bags:

  • Quality: Compared to tea bags, loose-leaf tea often offers higher quality. Tea dust or fannings, which are the crushed-up remnants of tea leaves, are often used to fill tea bags. On the contrary, loose-leaf tea is made of entire or sizable fragments of tea leaves, which can provide better flavor and aroma.
  • Flavor: Compared to tea bags, loose-leaf tea has a richer taste. Tea bags often contain less tea than is necessary to brew a cup with a full body and offer less space for leaves to unfold which can lead to a weaker flavor.
  • Variety: Unlike loose-leaf tea, which can be combined with different herbs, spices, and fruits to provide unique and intriguing flavors, tea bags often only contain one variety of tea.
  • Environment: Most tea bags are made of non-biodegradable paper or synthetic materials, and many of them also have a plastic covering. There is no need for throwaway tea bags when brewing loose-leaf tea in a reusable strainer or infuser.

Overall, compared to tea bags, loose-leaf tea provides a more enjoyable and high-quality tea drinking experience and with a comfortable tea infuser making a perfect cup of tea just for yourself is easy!

If you are looking for some tasty tea blends check our premium tea selection and if you want to brew more tea than just a cup for yourself, check out our selection of teapots. You can also read our tea-making shopping guide if you want to know more about accessories and tea-making rituals.