About us

About us

About us

We create the story of your home
with you

Who is Kulina?

We are a group of enthusiasts who have furnished (and some of us are still furnishing) their homes, who have learnt to cook well and with high-quality products and ingredients, and who enjoy spending time with our families and friends in the comfort of our homes. Every home tells the story of its inhabitants. And all of us in Kulina, write our own stories.

Is it easy to find beautiful and high-quality home accessories?

Only if you're a Sherlock Holmes of design. But if sustainability, timelessness and quality are not just empty words for you, you will soon find out you are in the right place.

We don't want to surround ourselves with unnecessary things. Therefore, we carefully select products that will serve us and our customers for many years and will be a pleasure to look at.

And since we've found what we were looking for, we believe we can help you too. Write the story of your home with us. We have been selecting products that are made to last, from the most inconic brands for over 10 years.


How we create a story of Kulina?

Cooking school opening

Opening of a cooking school

The Chefparade team: what eat what we cook! We open a cooking school. For cooking enthusiasts and for companies. Because we know from our own experience that a pot of hot Chili con carne brings people together better than a standard team-building with a tug of war. And that's even if you're throwing eggs at each other.

Establishing Kulina brand

Setting up Kulina brand

Since 2009, for more than 10 years, Kulina has been developing independently from the cooking school business. A truly unique online store at that time in the Czech Republic, focusing on the top quality accessories for kitchen and dining room.

Cooking school opening

What a "marriage"

Some say it's common sense, but we knew it was going to be love. Kulina and Chefparade, two enthusiasts of good food, wine, home decor and the love of life are now under one roof (literally! our shop and cooking school share premises in the Holešovice Market, Prague).

We bought the Kulina brand in 2019 after it ran into serious financial difficulties. We started from scratch with just the original logo and after a very tough first year, with a new team, we saved the business that today enjoys the growing interest of design lovers.

On the farm and abroad

Chefparade farm

Everything is closed, but we are not taking a break! We renovate the cooking school and our showroom in Holešovice and open up a Chefparade farm in Sukorady. You can come to a romantic place not far away from Prague to cook or bake your own bread in an outdoor oven. You can also organize a great rustic wedding in the open air.

You can't travel? Not in Kulina. Kulina grows and travels across Europe. We are no longer only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. And we keep on adding red pins on the European map...

Cooking school opening

Far beyond the kitchen

We are already experts in the selection of quality products for the kitchen. Our chefs from the cooking school check the products with their professional eyes and expertise. And because the home does not end in the kitchen, we decide to expand the product range to go beyond the imaginary borders of the kitchen and dining room.

We all surf the Internet, looking for an interesting design that we could share with each other in our constant search for the best ideas for cosy living. Our brand managers always verify if the brand meets our strict criteria regarding high quality and sustainability. In Kulina, we don't sell brands that are popular, we sell quality products. We are not interior designers working for a design & home decor magazine, we create homes for real life and real people.

We take care of our e-shops, the cooking school and any interesting brands that entrust us to manage the distribution of their brands.
Like Made in Japan – a manufacturer of traditional ceramics from Japan – and our the most loved brand.
And we all choose the best products for your home together. Well, wouldn't you love a job like that?

Kulina is different. SERIOUSLY. Are we not boasting too much?
Well, see for yourself and read WHY KULINA.
Why Kulina