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Serving trays – elegant mobility for your dishes and drinks

Serving trays are great if your dining table is far from the kitchen or if you often serve drinks in your living room or on the terrace. You can use them to transport glasses, carafes, plates or snacks.

Serving trays turn out to be useful when you set the table, have breakfast in bed, stay on the terrace during hot summer nights or enjoy tea and cookies while reading a book. They are also indispensable if you throw parties and serve homemade cocktails!

What should I consider when shopping for a serving tray?

There are a number of things to think about before making a serving tray purchase. Spend some time considering the serving tray's size. Choose a large tray with lots of space for cups, glasses, and plates if you want to use it regularly to transport food and beverages.

Choose a serving tray that you feel confident carrying or one that has comfortable handles, whether you want to transport water jugs, whisky glasses, or water carafes that may be quite heavy. You can also choose a tray with higher rims. The very last thing you want to happen is to slip and spill food on the ground or on yourself because you couldn't keep hold of the tray.

Another factor to consider is how sturdy the tray is. Make sure your tray can hold the food and drinks you are placing on top of it.

Serving trays are useful not only for serving drinks on the terrace or bringing glasses to your dining table but they are also a must-have if you want to surprise your beloved one with breakfast in bed.

Here at Kulina, you will find serving trays in a wide variety of forms, dimensions, and designs. To make your purchasing experience less stressful, we've chosen fantastic, durable and elegant serving trays from leading brands like Blomus, Bitz, and Continenta.

How should you clean a wooden serving tray?

There are many different wooden serving trays in our serving tray category so it's highly probable you will select one of them. This is one you should also make sure you know how to clean it.

Always make sure you wipe everything off with a clean, moist towel. Don't leave your tray dirty overnight. From time to time season your tray like you season your chopping boards - with a drop of oil or wax.