Bottle coolers

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Champagne cooler NOBLESSE, Nachtmann
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Wine bottle cooler AMBIENTE, WMF
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Wine bottle cooler MANHATTAN 12 cm, WMF
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Wine bottle cooler, Leopold Vienna
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Wine decanter COOL 750 ml, Eva Solo
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Bottle cooler for PICK-UP side table, grey, Alessi ALJW02CONT
Champagne cooler COCOON 42 cm, silver, Philippi
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Wine bottle cooler VALERIE 28 cm, silver, Philippi PHP105030

Bottle coolers – keep your champagne bottles cool!

What is a bottle cooler?

Bottle coolers keep their interior - and their contents colder than their surroundings thanks to their insulating properties or ice cubes placed inside the container. The cooler's insulation serves as a solid barrier against the external temperature, and the ice keeps bottles cold for longer. For keeping your bottle chilled and elegant, Kulina has a fantastic selection of bottle coolers from renowned manufacturers like Rosendahl, Philippi, and WMF.

How do you serve wine or champagne with a bottle cooler?

  • make sure you place your wine or champagne bottle in the fridge or refrigerator first. The coldest the bottle is when you put it in the bottle cooler, the longer will it retain its temperature.
  • when you are ready to serve the champagne, place the bottle in the cooler
  • if there is enough space in the container, add ice cubes

What are the types of bottle coolers available in Kulina?

Kulina's bottle coolers come in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes, forms, and even materials, ranging from coolers made specifically for serving a single bottle of wine to coolers that can hold multiple bottles of wine, prosecco or champagne.

Depending on their intended use, wine coolers can be simple tabletop containers or standalone bottle coolers like you often encounter in a restaurant.

The materials used for bottle coolers include stainless steel, plastic, silicon or glass. These materials have their characteristics and advantages which are highlighted below:

Stainless Steel: the material has good isolation properties, and is resistant to rust and stains. This material also makes cleaning and maintenance really simple.

Plastic: When compared to the majority of other bottle coolers, plastic coolers are lighter in weight. They are often not as expensive and will typically be double-walled to keep the bottle's chilly temperature. They can also have interesting shapes and colours.

Check also our selection of other products for an elegant serving of alcohol such as wine decanters, ice buckets, cube moulds and travel coolers for a more sophisticated cocktail experience.