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Ice bucket ALIR, brass, House Doctor
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Ice bucket ARNE JACOBSEN 1 l, silver, Stelton
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Ice buckets – for refreshing drinks

What are ice buckets and what are they used for?

An ice bucket is a container designed to hold ice. It can be found in a variety of shapes and patterns and is commonly constructed of stainless steel. The ice is used for keeping drinks chilled and refreshing.

Ice buckets are often used at events, gatherings, and parties where drinks are provided, but they can also be used privately at home. An ice bucket's primary function is to keep ice cool, because of double walls which doubles the length of time it can keep ice. Ice will be kept frozen for many hours, the double wall technology ensuring it doesn't sweat.

At Kulina, we have ice buckets of high calibre and effectiveness from trusted manufacturers like Eva Sola, House Doctor, and Stelton. These buckets often come together with (or can be used with) ice tongs for picking up ice from the bucket. You may also need some ice cube moulds to prepare ice, which you will find in Kulina as well.

What drinks are best served with ice?

Depending on the season, weather and the recipe you simply need to serve drinks with ice. Below you will find some beverages that will for sure benefit from being served on ice:

  • Water: On a hot day, adding ice to water could make it more hydrating and pleasant.
  • Soda: It's ideal to serve carbonated beverages like soda or sparkling water cold and with ice because the combination can heighten their flavour and fizziness.
  • Beer: In certain nations, especially those with hot temperatures, light beers like lagers or pilsners often come with ice.
  • Wine: White wine and rosé are often served cold, and adding ice can help to maintain the proper serving temperature.
  • Cocktails: A lot of cocktails, including margaritas, mojitos, and daiquiris, are customarily served with ice. Ice can balance the flavour by reducing the alcohol's strength.

In general, beverages that are typically drunk cold and benefit from the cooling effect of ice are the ideal ones to serve with ice.

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