Kitchen bowls

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Kitchen bowl, set of 4 pcs, stainless steel, WMF
54,99 € –8 %
50,22 €
Kitchen bowl PALSBY L, 5 l, natural leafy green, Koziol KOZ7807703
Dough bowl 2,2 l, black, Eva Solo
29,95 € –16 %
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Kitchen bowl 1 l, matt steel, Brabantia
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Kitchen bowl 1,6 l, matt steel, Brabantia
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Kitchen bowl 20 cm, silicone bottom, stainless steel, WMF WM0646596030
Kitchen bowl 24 cm, silicone bottom, stainless steel, WMF WM0646606030
Kitchen bowl 3 l, matt steel, Brabantia
39,95 € –7 %
37,10 €
Kitchen bowl 3,2 l, dark green, Brabantia
17,28 €
Kitchen bowl COMPACT CUISINE 16 cm, WMF
127 €
Kitchen bowl COMPACT CUISINE 20 cm, WMF
126 €
Kitchen bowl COMPACT CUISINE 24 cm, WMF
99,90 €
Kitchen bowl EVA 2.0 l, green, plastic, Eva Solo
23,38 €
Kitchen bowl EVA 3.0 l, green, plastic, Eva Solo
24,40 €
Kitchen bowl PALSBY L, 5 l, coral, Koziol
9,15 €
Kitchen bowl PALSBY L, 5 l, green, Koziol
8,95 €
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Kitchen Bowls – your multipurpose kitchen tools

What can you use kitchen bowls for?

Kitchen bowls are a must in every kitchen. You'll use them a lot whether to mix ingredients, marinate food, store leftovers or even serve a salad or other meal to the table.

Which materials are kitchen bowls made of?

  • Ceramic kitchen bowls look elegant in the country or rustic-style kitchens. They can also be used as serving bowls and placed straight on the dining table, thanks to the glass's timeless elegance.
  • Stainless Steel mixing bowls are affordable, portable, lightweight, and indestructible. For culinary tasks like whipping, stainless steel bowls are fantastic when you don't want to deal with a heavy bowl that's difficult to lift.
  • Plastic kitchen bowls are pretty durable and very resistant to wear and tear thus great to use in busy kitchen life. They are also very often suitable for use in the microwave.

Why do chefs use stainless steel bowls?

It is important to note that professional chefs and bakers prefer to use stainless steel bowls. Stainless steel is a resilient material that doesn't chip, peel or scratch easily. Stainless steel bowls are also lightweight and manoeuvrable and can also be used as double boilers. The fact that stainless steel does not react with acidic food is another important factor that makes stainless steel bowls a culinary favourite.

In Kulina you will find a great selection of kitchen bowls made from different materials and produced by well-known manufacturers including Koziol, WMF, Joseph Joseph and Brabantia. Some come in handy, stackable sets with bowls of different sizes. We also have other culinary tools such as mixing spoons and spatulas that can be used alongside your kitchen bowl. And if you are using your kitchen bowl to mix cookie dough you will also need some kitchen measuring cups or a kitchen scale to make sure you add the right amount of ingredients.