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Casserole pot 32 cm, cast iron, Eva Solo
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Casserole pot COOK EAT B9214374 18 cm, Tefal
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Casserole pot TRATTORIA E2187234 28 cm, Tefal
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Cooking pot CONVIVIO 24 cm, 10 l, stainless steel, Alessi
Pot 16 cm, 2,2 l, stainless steel, Eva Solo
111 € –20 %
88,80 €
Pot 24 cm, 6,5 l, stainless steel, Eva Solo
162 € –20 %
129 €
Pot CONVIVIO 20 cm, 5,7 l, stainless steel, Alessi
Pot DURA LINE 2,5 l, non-stick, Eva Solo
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Pot DURA LINE 4,8 l, non-stick, Eva Solo
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Pot MINI 14 cm, WMF
Pot MINI 14 cm, WMF
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Pot MULTI 2,2 l, stainless steel, Eva Solo
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Pots and stockpots– a must-have in every kitchen

Pots and stockpots are essential kitchen equipment. Pots are also one of the first things you have to buy if you are moving out of your parents’ place, if you are buying a new house with your partner or if you are moving into a completely new place, with a brand-new kitchen in which your old set of pots would look… ugly. And do you know that most people buy a set of pots only two or three times during their whole life? We sometimes tend to buy a car more often! And this is why pots should be treated like a real investment because if you decide to buy a high-quality pot you will be able to enjoy its functionality and design for ages and if you don’t know which pots do you actually need or which material to choose read our complete shopping guide on pots here. You can also check our best-selling pots here.

What do you need a stockpot for?

Stockpots, very large and deep pots are very versatile and can be used for:

  • cooking soups, broth, etc.
  • cooking large amounts of pasta
  • boiling seafood
  • preparing stews and one-pot dishes
  • boiling water

In Kulina we offer you a wide range of pots – very deep stockpots, large pots and smaller casserole pots, made from different materials, manufactured by reliable brands and designed for different interior styles. If you don’t know which pot to choose, check what pots such brands as Fissler, Zwilling or Eva Solo have in offer.

How to take care of your pots?

Do you know that most people buy a set of pots only two or three times during their hole life? We sometimes tend to buy a car more often than pots! This is why it’s worth investing in high-quality pots and enjoying their functionality for years to come and every time you cook. And if you invest money in high-quality cookware, you should also make sure you take care of your pots in a proper way. How to take care of your pots?

  • always read the manufacturer’s instructions before the first use and make sure you don’t put your pots into a dishwasher if it’s not recommended,
  • don’t use metal utensils that may scratch the surface of your pots, use wood or silicone kitchen utensils instead,
  • avoid leaving dirty pots overnight or soaking them for a long time (especially stainless steel pots),
  • if you want to get rid of stains on the surface of your stainless steel pots, clean them with a stainless steel cleaning product,
  • avoid cleaning your ceramic-coated pots with steel wool,
  • clean your iron pots immediately after using and don’t use soap because metal is porous and it can absorb the flavour of the chemicals,
  • avoid temperature shock, don’t put hot pots into cold water, etc.,
  • don’t cook acidic foods (like tomato) in cast-iron cookware,
  • don't stack coated pots and pans on top of each other as this may cause scratching and chipping. Hang them on hooks or put them on their sides.