Smeg means iconic design in your kitchen but also high-quality, cutting-edge technologies and kitchen appliances that will change your attitude to cooking. Since now cooking will be a pleasure and a feast of flavours!
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Meat grinder attachment for stand mixer SMMG01, Smeg SMESMMG01
Automatic coffee machine BCC01RDMEU, matt red, Smeg SMEBCC01RDMEU
Bun warmer TSBW01, Smeg
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Bun warmer TSBW01, Smeg
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Coffee grinder CGF01BLEU, black, Smeg
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Dough hook attachment SMDH01, Smeg
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Drip coffee machine DCF02BLEU black, Smeg
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Drip coffee machine DCF02CREU, cream, Smeg
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Drip coffee machine DCF02WHEU, white, Smeg
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Smeg – colour, design and technology

Smeg, all-Italian household appliance manufacturer

Smeg is an Italian company established in 1948 and based in Guastalla. It’s name stands for "Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla" which can be translated as "an enamelling factory in the village of Guastalla in the province of Emilia in Northern Italy." It is famous for its innovative household appliances for domestic use, which are easily recognisable due to their outstanding design, colours and feel. Being a symbol of excellence under the Made in Italy sign, Smeg has 5 state-of-the-art production plants in Italy where all products undergo strict quality control tests to ensure maximum reliability of its appliances.

Smeg’s mission and vision

Smeg places utmost attention on quality and focuses on energy saving while at the same time answering the needs of contemporary living. Smeg wants its products to be not only durable but also user-friendly so every single Smeg appliance offers maximum simplicity and functionality that answer modern users’ expectations.

But there is also something more about Smeg. It’s the style which is supposed to make life in the kitchen, cooking and preparing your food as enjoyable and beautiful as possible.

Smeg designers and collaborations

In it’s search for beauty and style Smeg partners with numerous world-famous architects and designers such as Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, Studio Piano Design, Marc Newson, Giancarlo Candeago.

Smeg is well-known for its 50's style collection featuring nostalgic, warm retro design (which you can spot in almost every interior design magazine) but also for much more brave and colourful collections – such as the collection Sicily is my love created in collaboration with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti from deepdesign and unmistakable creativity by Dolce&Gabbana. The collection of toasters, juicers, kettles, blenders and stand mixers was characterised by vivid decorations of golden yellow lemons, citrus fruits, prickly pears and bright red cherries, which are typical Sicilian decorations. You can also spot it in Pedro Almodovar’s movie "Pain and glory" featuring Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

Smeg’s most popular products in Kulina

Kulina’s customers love all small kitchen appliances offered by Smeg such as toasters, electric kettles, citrus juicers, coffee grinders and coffee makers. You can invest in the whole collection so that your kitchen worktop looks super stylish or buy one or two appliances that will become and eye-catching detail in your kitchen – equally stylish and practical.

It seems Smeg is made for excellent, slow and tasty breakfast, that will make your day! The vintage look of its products and great colours will match many modern interiors - classic, retro, eclectic or modern.