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Pressure cooker NORDIC KITCHEN 1.5 l, black, Eva Solo
149,95 €
Electric kettle AMPHORA 1,2 l, soft black, Stelton SN2231
Electric kettle AMPHORA 1,2 l, soft peach, Stelton SN2232
ALAC100 1 ALAC100
Electric kettle KLF03BLEU 1,7 l, black, Smeg
189 € –10 %
169 €
Electric kettle KLF03BLMEU 1,7 l, matt black, Smeg
225 € –11 %
199 €
Electric kettle KLF03CREU 1,7 l, creme, Smeg
189 € –10 %
169 €
Electric kettle KLF03GOEU 1,7 l, gold, Smeg
230 € –13 %
199 €
Electric kettle KLF03CHMEU 1,7 l, matt gold, Smeg
199 €
Electric kettle KLF03PBEU 1,7 l, pastel blue, Smeg
189 € –10 %
Electric kettle KLF03RDEU 1,7 l, red, Smeg
189 € –10 %
169 €
Electric kettle KLF03SSEU 1,7 l, chrome, Smeg
225 € –11 %
199 €
Electric kettle KLF03WHEU 1,7 l, white, Smeg
189 € –10 %
169 €
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Electric Kettle, one of the most essential items in your kitchen

What are electric kettles?

Electric kettles are a specific kind of tea kettles that unlike stove-top tea kettles run on electricity and need access to a power source. They boil water quickly and are a really practical device to use, allowing you to quickly prepare tea or coffee. If you want your tea to be perfectly brewed, check out our tea-making shopping guide for the best kitchen accessories for tea brewing and serving and if you are looking for more kitchen essentials check our guide on the basic kitchen equipment here.

What are the types of electric kettles?

The main materials used to make electric kettles are plastic, stainless steel and glass.

  • Plastic Electric Kettles

Modern electric kettles with a body made of plastic are usually very stylish and are available in a number of different colours. Plastic electric kettles are often more affordable than those made of glass or stainless steel.

They are also pretty light and almost never shatter when dropped so they are perfect for senior users who may not be able to hold a heavy kettle full of water.

  • Stainless Steel Electric Kettles

Electric kettles with stainless steel bodies are made from heat and dent-resistant stainless steel which is robust, hygienic, food-safe and durable. Modern electric kettles made of stainless steel have an elegant, minimalistic look and look great in modern interiors.

  • Glass Electric Kettle

Electric kettles made of glass feature a glass, transparent body that lets you look inside the appliance. They are very attractive and have an elegant, minimalistic look perfect for modern kitchens. Although the glass body is usually made from high-quality borosilicate glass, it may shatter if dropped.

Tea kettles made from stainless steel or borosilicate glass are considered the safest electric kettles.

At Kulina you will find a fantastic selection of electric kettles from reliable manufacturers such as KitchenAid, Smeg, WMF, and Alessi. These kettles come in all different styles and with different functions and for lovers of perfectly brewed tea or herbal infusions we also offer temperature-controlled electric kettles that will let you brew your tea at the right temperature.