Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea is a French brand which mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the best tea has to offer. Tea is supposed to make you happy, make you gather with friends and reflect on your life. Kusmi Tea unites both tea amateurs and connoisseurs around a cup of hot infusion - available in many flavours and types.
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Kusmi Tea: a blend of history and flavor

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with a rich history and diverse range of flavors. One brand that stands out in the world of tea is Kusmi Tea that has been providing tea lovers with unique blends and high-quality products for over 150 years. Founded in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1867, the brand moved to Paris, at the onset of the Russian Revolution, in 1917 and it is currently owned by Groupe Orientis.

Kusmi Tea was founded by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, a young boy who began working in a tea shop in St. Petersburg at the age of 14. Through his hard work and dedication, he eventually became a tea blender and opened his own tea shop in 1867. The shop quickly became popular, and Kousmichoff soon began exporting his teas to countries around the world.

In 1917, the Russian Revolution forced Kusmi Tea to relocate to France, where it continued to grow and develop. Today, Kusmi Tea has stores in over 50 countries, and its teas are enjoyed by tea lovers around the world.

Most Popular Tea Blends by Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea offers a wide range of organic tea blends, each with its own unique flavor and aroma. Some of the most popular blends include:

  • Anastasia: A blend of black teas with notes of bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom.

  • Prince Vladimir: A spicy blend of black teas with notes of citrus, vanilla, and spices.

  • Detox: A blend of mate, green tea, and lemongrass designed to promote detoxification and wellness.

  • Kashmir Tchai: A blend of black teas with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

  • Russian Morning: A strong black tea blend with notes of citrus and spice.

  • Sweet Love: A blend of black tea, spices, and liquorice, with a hint of chocolate and caramel.

Kusmi Tea stands not only for black tea but it offers also green teas, white tea blends, fruit and herbal infusions. The brand also offers a range of wellness teas, including detox and wellness blends designed to promote relaxation and good health. Detox tea for example, is famous among celebrities with Kendall Jenner being one of its fans who drinks detox tea every day and says: "I usually start my day off with a cup of [Kusmi] Detox Tea. I have like 12 cups a day."

In addition to tea blends, Kusmi Tea also offers a wide range of tea accessories, including tea pots, cups, infusers, insulated bottles and more. Every Christmas, the brand offers a special edition tins, advent calendar and gift sets that make wonderful presents for all tea connoiseurs - we have them in Kulina as well so make sure you coe back during the Xmas season!

Why Kusmi Tea is so special

One of the things that sets Kusmi Tea apart from other tea brands is its commitment to quality and sustainability. The brand uses only natural flavors, organic tea and natural ingredients, and works with sustainable tea farms to ensure that its products are produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Kusmi Tea is made with a lot of love and no plastic with beautiful tins that look great in the kitchen and as a gift.

Kusmi Tea has also developed a unique blending process that allows it to create complex and flavorful tea blends. By carefully selecting and blending different teas and natural ingredients, Kusmi Tea is able to create teas with unique and unforgettable flavors.

With its unique blending process and wide range of tea blends and accessories, Kusmi Tea is a brand that tea lovers around the world have come to know and love. Whether you're looking for a classic black tea or a unique wellness blend, we are sure you will be able to find something for yourself in Kulina.