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Ashtray MARY, Blomus
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Ashtray PATTY, Blomus
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Bartender tools – prepare your cocktails like a pro

Why are tools needed in bartending?

A common maxim states that a bartender is only as good as their tools. Thus, every bar must have the necessary and sufficient tools and equipment to operate well. These tools can be fashioned from a range of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, wood, glass, etc., depending on the tool and its intended application.

You need the right tools for everything to be good, and serving drinks is no exception. Without the proper bartender tools, your drinks won't taste as good, you'll spend more time serving customers, and in the end, satisfaction and profits will both suffer. The best bar equipment can help you mix, squeeze, strain, and pour your way to great cocktails whether you're a rookie barman or a seasoned master.

We have carefully chosen top-notch items from well-known companies like Philippi, Blomus, and WMF to make this even simpler and more thrilling for you.

What are the bartender tools available on Kulina?

Kulina has provided you with a collection of bartending tools to ensure efficient bar operations and increase guest satisfaction. You can find the following tools on our website:

  • Shakers; are used to mix ingredients and chill drinks.
  • Bar spoons; are used to stir ingredients together and measure ingredients.
  • Jiggers; are used to measure ingredients accurately.
  • Pourers; are used to control the flow of liquid when pouring drinks.
  • Bottle openers; are used to open bottles of beer, wine, and soda.
  • Stoppers; are used to seal bottles of liquor and to prevent spills.
  • Ashtrays; are used to hold cigarette butts and other smoking materials.

We also offer barman sets, which include multiple tools in a kit. With these appropriate tools, you may make tasty and eye-catching cocktails that will dazzle your visitors.

How can I properly maintain bar tools?

To start with, ensure you always clean your tools as soon as possible after each use, using non-abrasive materials and warm water with a light detergent to prevent scratches.

To avoid rust or corrosion, hand cleaning is often advised. Thorough drying is also essential. After that, put your tools in a dedicated organiser or container.

To prevent accidents, use the tools carefully, lubricate moving components as necessary, and keep them out of damp or crowded storage areas.

These tips will help you keep your bartending tools in top shape so they can continue to be an asset for you over endless mixing sessions.