Bar spoons

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Bar spoon GRUNGE, House Doctor
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Drinking straw 18 cm, reed, REVOL
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Drinking straw SALA, set of 6 pcs, straight, smoky, Blomus BM64246
Drinking straw SAVE, set of 50 pcs, 22 cm, Nicolas Vahé NV160790100
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Drinking straws 24 cm, set of 6 pcs, with brush, WMF
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Bar spoons – designed to stir drinks quickly and easily

What are bar spoons?

Bar spoons are long-handled spoons specifically made for mixing drinks. They often have a twisted shaft, which makes it simpler to use them for stirring and stacking drinks. They are around 30 cm long on average to be used comfortably with long drink glasses and cocktail shakers.

The twisted shaft also makes it simple for bartenders to reach the bottom of tall glasses or shakers and measure little amounts of ingredients, such as drops of bitters.

A flat disc is often seen at the handle's opposite end of bar spoons, which can be used to muddle things like fruit or sugar cubes.

What are the types of cocktail mixing spoons?

We have a variety of bar spoons in the Kulina store from well-known producers like Alessi and House Doctor. The following are some of the various bar spoon types:

  • Bar Spoon with Twisted Handle: The most popular style of a bar spoon, it has a twisted handle and a long, slender stem.
  • Teardrop-shaped bar spoon: This style of bar spoon is suitable for serving layer cocktails because of its teardrop-shaped head.
  • Muddler Bar Spoon: This kind of bar spoon features a muddler on one end that can be used to smash herbs, fruits, and other things.
  • Trident Bar Spoon: This style of bar spoon has three prongs that can be used more effectively to mix cocktails.

Why do some cocktails need to be stirred and others shaken?

The technique of shaking or stirring a cocktail can have a significant impact on its final taste and texture. In general, cocktails that contain cloudy or viscous ingredients, such as fruit juices, cream, or egg whites, are typically shaken. Shaking these ingredients with the use of a cocktail shaker creates a frothy, well-mixed drink with a lighter texture.

On the other hand, cocktails that contain clear, strong spirits and liqueurs, such as a Martini or Manhattan, are typically stirred. Stirring gently with a bar spoon, blends the ingredients without diluting the drink too much, creating a smooth and balanced cocktail.

Additionally, the choice to shake or stir a cocktail can also depend on the desired temperature and dilution of the drink. Shaking a cocktail typically results in a colder and more diluted drink than stirring, which can result in a stronger, less diluted cocktail.

Ultimately, the decision to shake or stir a cocktail depends on the recipe and the desired taste and texture of the final drink.

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