Microplane is a brand specialising in luxurious, high-quality kitchen graters and zesters. The sharpest, reliable blades made in USA will deal with all kinds of food - vegetables, cheese, ginger or nutmeg, making your work in the kitchen easier.
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Foot scraper BC BOX, blue, Microplane
20 €
Coarse hand grater GOURMET, Microplane
32,34 € –7 %
29,78 €
Coarse hand grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane
32,34 € –24 %
24,30 €
Fine hand grater GOURMET, Microplane
32,34 € –6 %
30,09 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, green, Microplane
19,49 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, natural, Microplane
20,45 € –20 %
16,26 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, pink, Microplane
20,33 €
Garlic grater SPECIALITY, Microplane
21,55 €
Julienne grater GOURMET, Microplane
32,34 € –6 %
30,09 €
Medium coarse hand grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane
32,63 €
Medium ribbon grater MASTER, Microplane
43 € –17 %
35,48 €
Parmesan cheese grater GOURMET, Microplane
32,34 € –6 %
30,09 €
Ribbon grater GOURMET, Microplane
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30,09 €
Ribbon grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane
32,63 €
Spice grater PREMIUM CLASSIC, black, Microplane
20,03 €
Spice mill, black, Microplane
27,04 €
Spice mill, black, Microplane
64,75 €
Ultra coarse hand grater GOURMET, Microplane
32,34 € –6 %
30,09 €

Microplane - the best kitchen graters in the world

Microplane was founded by Richard and Grace Graceffa. The couple was originally in the business of making woodworking tools but discovered that their rasps invented in 1990 at their jointly owned contract manufacturing facility, Grace Manufacturing Inc., in Russellville, Arkansas, USA was a great product with the great potential. The couple decided to pivot their business and create kitchen tools that were specifically designed for grating and zesting that quickly gained popularity among chefs and home cooks and became the foundation for the company's future success.

Company's mission and the awards

Microplane's mission is to provide customers with high-quality kitchen tools that are designed to make cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable.

Microplane's commitment to quality and innovation has earned the company numerous design awards over the years. In 1999, the company's zester was awarded the Kitchen Innovation Award at the International Housewares Show. Since then, the company has won numerous awards for its products, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the Good Design Award, with the most recent being the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 for the graters of the Black Sheep series.

Microplane zester - a must-have for your kitchen!

One of Microplane's most popular products is the zester. The Microplane zester is designed to quickly and easily remove the zest from citrus fruits, making it a popular tool among chefs and bakers. The zester has a long, narrow blade with tiny razor-sharp teeth that make it easy to grate the zest from the fruit without removing any of the bitter pith. The Microplane zester stands out from other zesters because its blades are super-sharp and spaced close together, making for a finer grate/zest. It's also faster to use than a knife for many tasks, and it's sturdy and durable.

Microplane also produces a range of kitchen graters that are designed for different types of food. The company's graters are known for their precision and sharpness, which make it easy to grate cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients with minimal effort.

From its humble beginnings as a woodworking tool company, Microplane has grown into a global brand that is known for producing some of the best graters and zesters in the market that continue to be a favorite among home cooks and professional celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey alike.