Kähler - part of the Rosendahl Design Group - is known for great ceramic and porcelain dishes, innovative glazes, creative designs and distinctive artistic collaborations. Check its dinnerware, kitchen accessories, vases and decorations and enjoy Danish, modern and sensual tale of design, where everyone is welcome.
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Kähler – the tradition of art and craft

The story of the Kähler brand began in 1839 when Herman Kähler opened a ceramics workshop in Næstved. The brand however became famous for unique designs when his son, Herman A. Kähler, joined it.

Since then Kähler has been associated with handmade and craft design traditions, innovative glazes, creative designs and distinctive artistic collaborations. The brand provides its users with beautiful dinnerware, vases, figures and sculptures, lanterns and candleholders, seasonal decorations and textiles that create a sensual atmosphere in the interior.

The era as a family-run company with the fourth generation of the Kähler family ended in 1974. Now, Kähler is part of the Rosendahl Design Group – a family of modern design icons and the best Scandinavian brands that blend tradition with innovation and timeless elegance.

Kähler’s vision and mission

Kähler has grown as a design collective with the best artists, greatest designers and craftsmen onboard. Apart from the most talented people – artists and ceramic painters, the secret of Kähler’s DNA is also the craftsmanship and creativity that these people share. It's what has made Kähler an iconic ceramic brand and a master of Danish ceramic design.

Among the greatest Danish artists that worked for Kähler were Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøi, Kai Nielsen or Jens Thirslund.

Brand’s ambition is to be the leader on the arts scene taking the best from an artistic ceramic legacy and blending it with modern trends. The brand believes that good design and handmade quality have no expiry date and they prove it with every product from their catalogue.

How are Kähler’s products made?

Over the years, a large number of different female ceramic painters worked for Kähler, adding the final touch to the products and ensuring that Kähler’s ceramics had a unique and charming handmade look. Kähler’s handmade design traditions are still alive today and even now, some of the brands' products, such as the vases from the Omaggio Nuovo series (that represents a revival of the well-known Omaggio series) are hand-painted. Also, all door and window openings in the famous Urbania series of ceramic lanterns are carved by hand. This is classic ceramic craftsmanship at its best!

Kähler’s products will match both classic and modern interiors. Their shapes and colours are timeless and elegant and will make great presents for all lovers of classic Danish design.