cutlery organisers

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Cutlery tray RIO 31,8 cm, natural desert sand, Koziol
10,95 €
Cutlery tray 35 x 30 x 7 cm, wood, Continenta
30,49 €
Cutlery tray DRAWER STORE, bamboo, Joseph Joseph JS85170
Cutlery tray DRAWER STORE, blue, Joseph Joseph
25 €
Cutlery tray DRAWERSTORE 85168 40 cm, bamboo, Joseph Joseph JS85168
Cutlery tray DRAWERSTORE COMPACT, blue, Joseph Joseph JS85183
Cutlery tray DRAWERSTORE L, grey, Joseph Joseph
32,90 €
Cutlery tray DRAWERSTORE, expandable, grey, Joseph Joseph JS85042
Drawer organiser DRAWER STORE, grey Joseph Joseph
40,90 €
Drawer organiser DRAWERSTORE, white/green, Joseph Joseph JS85128
Knife drawer organiser DRAWER STORE, grey, Joseph Joseph JS85120
Knife organiser DUO, grey, Joseph Joseph
23,29 €
Knife organiser, for 5 knives, wood, Continenta
26,49 €

Cutlery organisers – a must-have for a perfect kitchen organisation

What are cutlery organisers?

Cutlery organisers are accessories that keep cutlery and utensils nicely stacked and conveniently accessible. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from little trays to bigger drawers, and are built from a variety of materials such as plastic and wood.

Cutlery organisers often include different compartments or slots for each type of cutlery, which keeps them from being twisted or jumbled up. This not only helps you identify the tool you need quickly, but it also protects the cutlery from damage.

You can keep all of your cutlery perfectly organised with a cutlery organiser, making meal preparation and setting a table a pleasure. In Kulina we have products from the best brands, like Joseph Joseph and Continenta. And if you are looking for an organiser for your kitchen utensils check our offer of kitchen organisers.

What are the accessories that can be kept in a cutlery organisers and cutlery drawers?

Cutlery organisers are meant to hold a range of kitchen equipment, including the following:

  • Knives: A cutlery organiser can separate distinct types of knives, such as chef knives, bread knives or Japanese knives protecting their blades from getting blunt. You can also store your knives in a knife block or on a knife rack.
  • Table knives, spoons and forks: Cutlery organisers often offer separate compartments for knives, spoons, forks and teaspoons allowing for simple access and organising.
  • Larger serving spoons or forks as well as all other types of servig cutlerycan also be put in a cutlery organiser to keep them orderly and conveniently accessible.
  • Cooking Utensils: Cutlery organisers can also hold smaller culinary tools such as spatulas, ladles, and tongs.
  • Measuring Spoons and Cups: Measuring spoons and cups can be simply placed in a cutlery organiser, ensuring that they are quickly available when needed.
  • Corkscrews, bottle openers and other bartender tools: bartender tools, bottle openers and corckscrews can also be stored in a cutlery organiser, making them easy to find when you need to open a bottle of wine or beer.
  • Straws and stirrers: If you often use straws or bar spoons and stirrers, storing them in a cutlery organiser will help keep them ordered nicely.