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Kitchen laddle DAILY 26 cm, Nicolas Vahé
8,49 €
Serving spoon B BOIS, wooden handle, de Buyer
23 € –20 %
18,40 €
Soup ladle B BOIS, de Buyer
23 € –20 %
18,40 €
Soup ladle INGENIO, Tefal
Soup ladle INGENIO, Tefal
In stock (24 pcs)
8,99 €
Spaghetti spoon 30 cm, green, silicone, Lékué
9,90 €
Colander spoon PROFI PLUS 12 cm, WMF
26,90 €
Ice cream scoop DUO COMPACT, Joseph Joseph
12,19 €
Ice cream scoop GOOD GRIPS 26 cm, black, stainless steel, OXO OXO11295100
Ice cream scoop GOURMET, WMF
21,90 €
Ice cream scoop INGENIO K2072214, Tefal
16,99 €
Ice cream scoop PROFI PLUS, WMF
26,90 €
Kitchen turner UNI-TOOL, Joseph Joseph
16 €
Ladle GOOD GRIPS 29 cm, grey, silicone, OXO
14 €
Ladle STEEL 33 cm, silver, stainless steel, OXO
21,50 €
Mixing spoon GOOD GRIPS 30 cm, grey, silicone, OXO
12,50 €
Mixing spoon GOOD GRIPS 30 cm, red, silicone, OXO
11,30 €
Mixing spoon GOOD GRIPS 32 cm, grey, silicone, OXO
13,60 €
Mixing spoon PRO 32 cm, silicone, Zwilling
35,49 €
Mixing spoon STEEL 27 cm, silver, stainless steel, OXO OXO3121000
Mixing spoon STEEL 32 cm, silver, stainless steel, OXO OXO3120100
Pasta spoon DAILY 29 cm, Nicolas Vahé
8,49 €
Perforated spoon EVA TRIO, nylon, Eva Solo
14,95 €
Perforated spoon INGENIO, Tefal
8,99 €
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Kitchen Ladles – serve your soup better and easier

What is a soup ladle used for?

A soup ladle is a type of culinary utensil used for serving soup. It is a large, circular spoon with an elongated handle that is made especially for ladling up and serving liquid foods like broths, stews, and soups.

Soup ladles are made to make serving soup less messy and easier. They have a large capacity for liquid, which makes it simple to transfer the soup from a pot to a dining bowl or soup plate without spilling. They are helpful for portion control as well because you can serve the same amount of soup for each serving.

For anyone who likes preparing and serving soups, stews, and other liquid foods, soup ladles are indeed essential kitchen equipment.

For a profound culinary experience, have a look at our other kitchen equipment, such as soup and sauce spoons, mixing spoons, tureens, and kitchen utensil sets.

What are the different types of ladles and their uses?

Ladles are available in a variety of types, each designed for a particular use. Here are some of the most common ladle varieties and their applications:

Gravy ladle: A gravy ladle is a smaller, oval-shaped ladle with a pour spout that is used to serve gravies, sauces, and other liquids. When serving, you can easily regulate the flow of liquid due to its shape and spout.

Punch Ladle: A punch ladle is a sizable, long-handled serving spoon with a broad, rounded bowl that is used to serve punch or other large-batch beverages. It's perfect for pouring beverages at events or get-togethers.

Sauce Ladle: A sauce ladle is a little, spherical ladle that is used to serve sauces or gravies. The spherical form of this ladle, despite its reduced size and lack of a spout, makes it easy to scoop up and pour thicker liquids.

Slotted Ladle: A slotted ladle contains holes or slots in the bowl that let you serve food while leaving any extra liquid behind. It helps present dishes like poached eggs or boiled veggies. You can also check out our slotted spoons

Overall, ladles come in a variety of sizes and forms, and each kind is intended for a certain purpose. You will find them all in Kulina and we have chosen a variety of high-quality kitchen ladles from renowned manufacturers including Eva Solo, WMF, and Zwilling, just for you.