Slotted spoons

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Colander ladle PRO 33 cm, Zwilling
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Colander ladle PRO, stainless steel, Zwilling
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Colander spoon DAILY 29 cm, silver, Nicolas Vahé
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Colander spoon PROFI PLUS 11 cm, WMF
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Colander spoon PROFI PLUS, WMF
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Slotted Spoons – Frying with convenience

What are slotted spoons used for?

Slotted spoons are kitchen utensils that have slots or holes in their bowl which distinguishes them from regular or mixing spoons. Slotted spoons can be used for a range of culinary tasks such as

  • straining bits of food from liquid (broth, boiling water, sauce, etc.) for this reason they are called colander spoons
  • frying - frying food in deep, hot oil
  • draining pasta - if you want to strain pasta from boiling water, a slotted spoon can be used to scoop up the pasta while allowing the hot water to drain away

In Kulina, we offer a variety of slotted and colander spoons that will be perfect for draining thicker or thinner sauces from leading manufacturers like de Buyer and WMF.

What is the difference between a slotted and a perforated serving spoon?

A perforated serving spoon and a slotted serving spoon are both types of spoons used to drain or serve food, but they differ in terms of their design and function. The distinction is basically in the size and shape of their slots or holes.

A slotted spoon has bigger holes which allow for thicker sauces and smaller food particles to drain away as it is being used to serve. A perforated serving spoon has smaller holes to drain excess juice, syrup, or water.

Make sure to check out our selection of kitchen utensils sets and colanders and strainers as well, to get the best results of your culinary experiments.