Wood, charcoal grills & accessories

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Grill side table 480, bamboo, Outdoorchef
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Grill wok ring M, Remundi
Grill wok ring M, Remundi
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Grilling utensils rack, curved, Remundi
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Charcoal grill CHELSEA 480 C, Outdoorchef
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Charcoal grill CHELSEA 570 C, Outdoorchef
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Charcoal table grill ATAGO, Petromax
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Mounting kit for CONE grill, Höfats
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Outdoor BBQ rug 120 cm, Rösle
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Rotary skewer ROTISSERIE, Remundi
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Side table for CONE grill, bamboo, Höfats
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Table charcoal grill XL, orange LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill XL, purple, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill XL, red, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, blue, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, green, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, grey, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, orange, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, red, LotusGrill
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Table charcoal grill, white, Eva Solo
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Wok ring L, Remundi
Wok ring L, Remundi
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Wood, charcoal grills & accessories – grill like a boss

Grilling is most of all a social experience But it's also a way to prepare food and show love to your friends and family. Therefore in Kulina we offer charcoal grills of all kinds and sizes to match your lifestyle, family and other special needs, including table charcoal grills by LotusGrill (portable and compact), and full-size professional grills by such renowned brands as Outdoorchef or Hofats.

Why should you choose a charcoal grill?

Using a charcoal grill (instead of an electric outdoor grill for example) offers a unique cooking experience and imparts a distinctive flavour to your food. Here are some aspects that make charcoal grills special:

  • Flavour: Charcoal grills provide a distinct smoky flavour to the food. The burning charcoal generates smoke, which infuses the food with a rich and authentic taste that's hard to replicate with other cooking methods.

  • Versatility: Charcoal grills allow for both direct grilling (cooking food directly over the coals) and indirect grilling (cooking food away from the coals with the lid closed), providing versatility to cook a wide range of dishes.

  • High Heat: Charcoal grills can reach higher temperatures compared to some gas grills. This high heat is ideal for searing meats and achieving that coveted charred crust on the outside while keeping the inside juicy and tender.

  • Control: With a little practice, you can learn to control the heat of a charcoal grill by adjusting the amount of charcoal and the airflow through the vents. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the cooking process for different types of food.

  • Authentic Experience: Many people enjoy the process of lighting the charcoal, waiting for it to ash over, and tending to the grill. It offers a more hands-on and immersive cooking experience compared to gas grills.

  • Traditional Appeal: Charcoal grilling carries a sense of tradition and nostalgia, as it's been a popular cooking method for generations. It can create a classic and inviting atmosphere during outdoor gatherings.

  • Portability: Charcoal grills are available in various sizes, including portable models. This makes them suitable for picnics, camping trips, tailgating, and other outdoor activities.

  • Affordability: Charcoal grills are often more affordable upfront than some high-end gas grills or other types of outdoor cooking equipment.

  • Community and Social Aspect: Charcoal grilling can be a social activity. Friends and family often gather around the grill, enjoying conversations while waiting for the food to cook.

  • Experimentation: Charcoal grills encourage experimentation with different charcoal types, wood chips, and smoking techniques to create unique and flavorful dishes.

It's worth noting that using a charcoal grill requires some additional preparation and patience compared to gas grills. You need to light the charcoal, wait for it to heat up and ash over, and manage the temperature manually. However, many enthusiasts find the process rewarding and enjoy the results they can achieve with this traditional method of outdoor cooking.

Why are special accessories necessary for wood/charcoal grills?

To improve the grilling experience and make it simpler and safer to operate, wood/charcoal grills require some special accessories.

  • Grilling equipment: Tongs, spatulas, and skewers are examples of specialised grilling equipment that are required to handle food on the grill without getting your hands burned. These tools are made to be sufficiently long to keep your hands safely away from the heat.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: A charcoal or wood grill's clean-up might be untidy. Accessories like ash pans, scrapers, and grill brushes can make cleaning quicker and more effective.
  • Safety: If not used correctly, charcoal and wood grills can be deadly. Accidents can be avoided with the use of accessories like wind protection.
  • Convenience: Add-ons like chimney starters and charcoal starters can make lighting and fast bringing the grill to temperature simpler. Covers and storage options can help keep the grill tidy and protected from the elements.

What are the differences between charcoal grills and gas grills?

The main difference between a charcoal/wood grill and a gas grill is the cooking fuel. Gas grills utilise propane or natural gas as the fuel source, whereas charcoal and wood grills use wood or charcoal.

The flavour profile produced by the two different types of grills is also one of their major differences. Gas grills cannot provide a smoky flavour to the food like charcoal and wood grills do. This smoky flavour is generated by the smoke and combustion gases that discharge by burning wood or charcoal.

Temperature control is another distinction between the two kinds of grills. While charcoal and wood grills require more time and effort to adjust the temperature, gas grills have precise temperature controls that let you do so quickly and easily.

However, some claim that charcoal and wood grills provide a more genuine grilling experience because they require more manual control and ensure this special flavour that only grilling on charcoal can give. However, if you still don't know which grill to choose, check our complete guide on buying the best grill for your family.