Grill pans

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Grill pan CENIT 28 cm, Fissler
95 €
Grill pan DIAMOND LITE 28 x 28 cm, for induction, titanium, WOLL WL6281DPI
Grill pan DIAMOND LITE 28 x 28 cm, titanium, WOLL
105 €
Grill pan DIAMOND LITE 28 x 28 cm, with removable handle, WOLL WL16281DPS
Grill pan DURADO 28 x 28 cm, WMF
119 €
Grill pan FORTE 28 cm, Zwilling
127 €
Grill pan NEVERSTICK3 28 cm, Eaziglide
118 €
Grill pan PARTY 27 x 27 cm, WMF
79,90 €
Grill pan PERMADUR PREMIUM 28 x 28 cm, WMF
129,99 € –8 %
119 €
Grill pan SIMPLE COOK 26 x 26 cm, Tefal
30,99 €
Grill pan TITANIUM NOWO 28 x 28 cm, removable handle, WOLL WL16281N
Grill pan TITANIUM NOWO 28 x 28 cm, titanium, WOLL WL6281N
Outdoor grill pan GP30 30 cm, cast iron, Petromax
56,99 €
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Grill pans - a powerful tool in your kitchen

Grill pan – what makes a good grill pan?

Grill pans are similar to standard frying pans but their bottom is different and features grill lines on the surface of the bottom. The raised ridges (typically 0,5-1,5 cm high) make the characteristic char marks on food, adding colour and texture to your dishes (check our best-selling grill pans here).

The ridges, however, are there not only to make your steak or veggies look good but they also let oil and juices drip, which ensures your food is actually grilled and not stewed and makes it easier to get rid of the excess fat.

Grill pans are usually quite heavy (especially cast iron grill pans or cast aluminium) and often have a square shape which offers a larger cooking area than a standard frying pan so you can cook your vegetables at the same time you are making a steak!

Which material is the best for a grill pan?

Grill pans are usually made of cast iron, making them quite heavy, but the material can retain heat at high temperatures, which is crucial for grilling. Don’t forget to season your iron pan before the first use and if you want to read more about different materials used for pans, read our complete guide on pans here.

How to use a grill pan?

Using a grill pan is a bit different from using a standard frying pan and there are some rules to follow:

  • always remember to oil your grill pan before use. This will prevent food from sticking and ensure your char marks are perfect. Don’t use too much oil though. Use a pastry brush for marinating the meat and give raised ridges a couple of strokes before you start. When you cut food (preferably in relatively thin slices) oil them with a brush as well
  • make sure you preheat the pan for at least five minutes before putting food on the pan
  • in order to rotate food or flip it use kitchen tongs but avoid moving the food for the first minute. This will help you create the characteristic grill marks
  • if you want to speed up cooking or enhance the smoky/charred flavour, use a matching press or a lid.

How to clean a grill pan?

After you cool down your grill pan, rinse it thoroughly with hot water and clean the pan with a soaked cloth, making sure you focus on the grooves. When you are finished, dry the pan with a tea towel.

If you use a cast iron grill pan you may want to season it after each use. In order to do this, rub a light coat of vegetable oil onto the pan with a paper towel, place it on the middle rack of the oven, and set it to 190 °C. Let the pan bake for 1 hour, turn off the oven and allow the pan to cool.

A grill pan, made of high-quality material, can be a great tool in every kitchen and this is why in Kulina we offer you grill pans manufactured by reliable brands. Square, cast iron grill pans with matching press by Woll, aluminium or stainless steel grill pans by WMF and unique steel grilling pans with a rustic design referring to hand-forged pans by de Buyer.