Coffee days

Coffee Days

☕ Enjoy every sip of your favourite drink to the max.

Which coffee maker is right for you?

Drip coffee maker

We know the drip coffee maker from every American movie. The bottomless (all you can drink) kettle is an essential part of every proper diner and it solves everything from murder to heartbreak.

Why have one? For making coffee in bulk!

For the office, if you don't want to cue in a long line for your cup. For your home, if you need a continuous doping at the home office or are simply a coffee family. And for the subtle yet full-bodied taste of naturally infused filter coffee.

The American icon is the KitchenAid brand of drip coffee makers, the Smeg coffee maker will grace your kitchen cabinets and the current technological star is the Filka range from the German brand Severin.

Drip coffee makers

Lever coffee maker

Do you enjoy discovering coffee and its diverse flavours and do you like to experiment? Just pressing a button is boring for you? A lever coffee machine gives you the space for self-realisation.

Why have one? For coffee like from a café!

Making coffee in a lever coffee machine is a ritual. It involves grinding, frothing, selecting the water temperature. You take in the aroma of freshly ground beans and the satisfaction of a home barista. Thanks to the pressure preparation and the short extraction time, the result is a strong, true espresso. Quality coffee machines can maintain a stable pressure throughout the extraction process and prevent the water temperature from dropping. Top of the range are coffee machines from brands such as KitchenAid or Smeg.

Lever coffee maker

Severin Filka

Fully automatic drip coffee maker with integrated grinder.

Technological innovation with a great design

Filka Coffee makers

Integrated grinder

Freshly ground coffee without the need for you to be present. 15 minutes after grinding, up to 60% of the coffee's aroma will be gone. For drippers without integrated grinder, the coffee must be ground separately. For freshness, it is recommended to grind just before preparation. When timing, the machine takes the previously ground coffee from the hopper.

Do you want to wake up to the smell of really fresh coffee? Time your Filka coffee machine, the integrated grinder grinds the coffee itself before preparation and it's up to you to wake up. The grinding is also exceptionally quiet.

For cup and teapot

The Filka coffee pot can hold 10 espresso cups and you can choose from 2 types - glass, which you can keep in the coffee machine in temperature hold mode, or a thermo kettle, which you can take to your desk.

However, you can also easily prepare just 1 small cup in the machine or coffee to go in a thermo mug. The coffee maker is flexible to any container size.

Reusable filter

The coffee maker is equipped with an eco-friendly, reusable, dishwasher-safe, gold-coloured filter. You can also use conventional paper filters.


Glass or porcelain

Espresso in porcelain only

What do the experts say? A classic espresso or lungo belongs properly only in porcelain. With cappuccino, it's a matter of choice whether you enjoy it more from a cup or glass. And you don't have to limit yourself to traditional white. Revol cups were meant to be the answer to the miserable coffee from plastic cups. The humorous recession has become a stalwart and popular gift.

Coffee cups

Latte to glass

Flat white or latte is best enjoyed from glass. The visibly separated layers of coffee and milk are the mastery of the barista and belong to the enjoyment of coffee. The Barista series from the German glassworks Nachtmann is a fusion of premium glass craftsmanship and the modern trends of master coffee makers.

Coffee glasses


Moka konvička
Moka konvička

Stylish mocha coffee makers

A moka pot works similarly to a pressure cooker. It quickly and furiously makes a cup that is not as strong as espresso, but is stronger than drip coffee. The extraction is done quickly and with boiling water, the downside being the "burnt" taste found in most cheaper machines. But with Alessi's teapots, the makers have thought not only about design but also function. Its moka teapots automatically stop filtering coffee at the right moment, helping to eliminate the bitter aftertaste and preserve the full, rounded aroma.

mocha coffee makers


French press - coffee for health

The simplest coffee machine is also the most gentle on coffee. That is, if you follow the 3 basic rules - coarse grinding, pouring hot but not boiling water over it and pouring all the coffee at once to stop extraction. Then you can enjoy a rich tasting coffee in which the valuable oils and antioxidants are not destroyed.

French presses

Moka konvička
Moka konvička

For the true purists

Are you really serious about the purity of coffee? For all hipsters and lovers of "hygge" joie de vivre, there are purist drip coffee makers. You just pour the coffee through the filter and let it sit for 5 minutes. For the perfect, ultimate gentle cup of coffee.



Coffee grinders

Did you know that the coffee bean contains up to 800 different volatile aromas and flavours? And that 15 minutes after grinding, up to 60% of the aromas disappear? If you really want to enjoy your coffee, it's important to make it from freshly ground beans. Yes, in the spirit of consciously being and enjoying every moment, we should engage the hand drive and grind the coffee in a traditional hand grinder. Or feast our eyes on the sight of a stylish beauty that is happy to do it for us.

Coffee grinders

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