Pen holders

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Pen holder HELICOPTER 15 cm, silver, Philippi
39,90 €
Pen holder LAVA 10 cm, black, aluminium, Philippi PHP219034
Pen holder ROTONDO 10 cm, silver, Philippi
59,90 €
Pen holder ZICK ZACK 7,5 cm, Philippi
69,90 € –14 %
59,90 €
Pen PURE 13 cm, twist, brass, Philippi
65 €
Permanent pencil with 2 tips, black, Philippi
19,90 €
Permanent pencil with 2 tips, Philippi
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Pen holders – keep your pens within reach

What are pen holders?

Pen holders, also known as pen stands or pen containers, are small cases used to hold pens, pencils, markers, and other writing materials. They are often put on a desk or workstation so that writing supplies are accessible. Pen holders are made of a variety of materials, including metal and nickel.

Depending on your taste and demands, you can choose either a simple and practical one or an elegant and ornamental one. Pen holders can preserve writing instruments from damage and give a personal touch to a workstation in addition to helping keep them organised and conveniently accessible.

What should I consider when choosing a pen holder?

  • Size: Select a pen holder that can contain all the pens and other writing implements you normally use, considering how many of each you typically use. It could be required to use a larger pen holder if you use a lot of pens.
  • Material: A range of materials, including metal and nickel are used to make pen holders. Pick a material that matches your style.
  • Design: Our pen holders are available in a wide range of styles, from plain and practical to elaborate and ornamental. When choosing a design, consider both your own preferences and the aesthetic of your workstation.

What are the benefits of having a pen holder?

Having a pen holder in your workspace or on your desk has many benefits such as:

  • Organisation: A pen holder keeps your writing supplies in order and closes at hand. You can quickly find the pen or pencil you need in your pen holder rather than having to rummage through drawers or look for one.
  • Protection: A pen holder aids in the damage prevention of your writing implements. Pencils and pens can easily break when they are left lying around on a desk or in a drawer. They are less likely to get damaged when they are kept upright and in a defined location by a pen holder.
  • Aesthetics: A pen holder can also give your workspace a little extra flair and flare from an aesthetic standpoint. Whether you select a simple, practical style or a more elaborate one, a pen holder can make your desk seem more appealing and polished.

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