Seletti - established in 1964, this truly Italian brand strives for improvement, innovation and originality, offering its customers home decor products that not ony surprise them but that simply take their breath away. Are you brave enough to invite Seletti to your home and kitchen?
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Coffee cup with saucer HYBRID CHUCUITO, Seletti
42 €
 LED wall decoration JOB-BLOW MOUTH 47 cm, Seletti
280 €
Backpack TOILETPAPER REGIMENTAL SHIT 43 cm, striped, Seletti SLT02352
Backpack TOILETPAPER SNAKES 43 cm, black, Seletti
250 €
Breakfast plate COSMIC DINER JUPITER, 23,5 cm, Seletti SLT10825
Breakfast plate COSMIC DINER MARS 23,5 cm, Seletti SLT10823
Breakfast plate COSMIC DINER URANUS 23,5 cm, Seletti SLT10824
Cake stand HYBRID LEANDRA 20 cm, Seletti
99 €
Cake stand HYBRID MORIANA 32,5 cm, Seletti
178 € –5 %
169 €
Cake stand HYBRID RAISSA 26 cm, Seletti
120 € –5 %
114 €
Coffee cup with saucer and spoon I-WARES gold, Seletti SLT09869
Coffee cup with saucer HYBRID DJENNE, Seletti
42 €
Coffee cup with saucer HYBRID EUFEMIA, Seletti
42 €
Coffee cup with saucer KINTSUGI 1 white, Seletti SLT09641
Coffee cup with saucer KINTSUGI 2 white, Seletti SLT09642
Coffee cup with saucer KINTSUGI 3, white, Seletti SLT09643
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Seletti – the brand like no other

Established in 1964, Seletti brand, based in Cicognara, Mantova, links design to fashion and pop art. Working under the slogan '(R)Evolution is the only solution', Seletti has become synonymous with creative Italian excellence and design, offering home décor, lamps, dinnerware and more. Romano Seletti, who established the brand and who in 1980s was joined by his sons Miria and Stefano, was the first to give the company a dynamic, innovative and creative character which was never lost during the brand’s history. The owners and designers working for Seletti, share the same characteristics as the customers and fans of the company – they are brave and want more, both from their lives and their homes.

Seletti mission and vision

Seletti offers products that blend design, daily life, art and a sense of humour, conveying to its customers a vision of a unique, personal and funny lifestyle. Seletti is an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty, shape and function.

Ever since the brand was established it has pursued its mission of making the most of endless product research, striving for improvement, innovation and originality, and redefining and renewing the idea of design over and over again.

Seletti’s products and the catalogue

Seletti manufactures all kinds of home products, including personal and decorative objects, furniture pieces (armchairs, sofas, tables, chairs and outdoor armchairs, footstools, storage units and sideboards), bed linen and kitchen textiles, lamps and lighting both for indoor and outdoor spaces, glassware, cutlery and dinnerware for the most unusual table settings.

Seletti design has been present in numerous restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and obviously - private homes, making the life of people happier, more colourful and full of non-obvious ideas.

Designers behind the brand

There are many designers and design studios behind the brand. Stefano and Miria Seletti who now lead the company work with a range of young Italian and International designers including Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel designers from Studio Job, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Antonio Arico, Maxime Ansiau, Elena Cutolo or Emanuele Magini.

Seletti has also collaborated with many famous brands and design concepts, including Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine which led to the creation of Seletti Wears Toiletpaper – a shocking collection of plates, rugs and other home accessories. Collaboration with Diesel – a famous Italian fashion company - resulted in cosmic dinnerware and other home décor pieces which are truly from a different world.

In Kulina we love Seletti. Wii you be brave enough to invite it to your home?