KitchenAid is a manufacturer of the highest quality kitchen appliances - known and desired by all home and professional chefs. With its famous stand mixers and the greatest palette of attractive colours on the market, KitchenAid is the dream of every fan of cooking and baking.
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KitchenAid – what’s the story behind the icon?

KitchenAid – the story of the design icon

In 1908 Herbert Johnstone, an engineer from Ohio, was passing by a bakery. He spotted a man kneading some dough and… had a stroke of genius! He designed the first commercial mixer. Soon in 1919, he designed a smaller stand mixer with a planetary movement designed for domestic use. When his wife first tested it, she said: "I don’t care what you call it. It’s the best kitchen aid I have ever had." In 1927 Johnston gave its stand mixer a more elegant design and in 1936 he asked the art director in Vanity Fair Egmont Arens to help him out with even more stylish design for his kitchen baby. And this is when the fame started! The stand mixer was advertised in the most popular newspapers of that times and all housewives wanted to have it – and they wanted to have it NOW!

In 1994 KitchenAid products came from USA to Europe spreading its passion for easier cooking all over the world.

KitchenAid mission

KitchenAid brand is all about making and the idea behind the brand is for you to be able to make everything with KitchenAid products and to make sure you get the most out of making. So whatever you cook, bake, mix, knead, squeeze, grate, blend, do it with pleasure, do it fast and do it with KitchenAid iconic design.

Celebrities love Kitchen Aid!

Henry Ford and Ginger Rogers were some of the first brand lovers, followed by Julia Child, Martha Stuart, Jennifer Garner or Nigella Lawson, all of them obsessed with using the famous stand mixer.

KitchenAid stand mixer is often featured in interior magazines and design blogs, it’s present in almost all wedding and Xmas gifts lists and despite it’s a mixer that lasts for ages, there are always fans that wait for the new colours and shades being released.

As an icon of American design available in a wide range of colours it is exhibited in several museums of modern art.

Much more than a stand mixer

KitchenAid is famous not only for its stand mixers and its rich range of colours but also for other small kitchen appliances:

They are popular because of their retro design, reliability and high-quality materials and stand mixers and food processors can be enriched with various accessories that enhance the functionality of the appliances.