Hand blenders

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Hand blenders - a must-have in every kitchen

What is a hand blender used for?

A hand blender, also known as an immersion or a stick blender, can accomplish many of the same tasks as stand blenders and stand mixers. This implies that a lot of recipes that call for mixing or processing ingredients, such as blended soups or lightly lemony blender cheesecake, can be followed with a hand blender.

Using a hand blender allows you to complete your recipe in a single pot or dish, which reduces the number of dirty dishes you produce. You can also chop, puree and whip with the hand-held blenders.

What are the advantages of using a hand blender?

You can use a hand blender to meet many of your culinary demands; the advantages are listed below:

  • Cooking and blending in one pot - You may use a hand blender to mix ingredients in the same bowl that you're using to create your recipe. This makes blending hot meals like soups and chutneys on a stovetop considerably simpler because you don't need to move the contents to a blender jar; you can just leave them in the pot.
  • No limits - You can easily use your hand blender in a number of containers, including jars, mixing bowls, and pots. Kulina also provides professional hand blenders that will handle extremely large amounts of food and that can blend even the hardest ingredients with its strong engine.
  • Compact Storage - hand blenders are particularly space-efficient because they can be stored in a drawer with your other favourite, frequently-used culinary tools.
  • Adjustable Speeds - you can adjust the speed to the ingredients that you blend or to the texture you want to achieve. You can use a lower speed setting for recipes that are softer or more fluid, such as ultra-smooth gravy, batter, frothed milk, and others. For pureed soups containing bits of tougher vegetables, smoothies with fibrous greens, and even homemade nut butter, set the blender to a higher speed.

How to choose the best hand blender?

There is surely a hand blender that meets your demands for convenience, power and functions. In Kulina you will find blenders from many premium manufacturers including Bamix and KitchenAid, with bodies and arms made from stainless steel or plastic. When choosing a hand blender for your kitchen (which is one of 10 kitchen essentials) check also their motor power and the number of attachments.