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Butter dish 9,5 x 7 cm, ceramic, Continenta
16,49 €
Butter dish LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
30 € –20 %
24 €
Egg cup LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
27 € –20 %
21,60 €
Egg cup MCEGG, blue, WMF
Egg cup MCEGG, blue, WMF
In stock (11 pcs)
10,90 €
Egg cup MCEGG, pink, WMF
Egg cup MCEGG, pink, WMF
In stock (10 pcs)
10,90 €
Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, sand, Blomus
23,41 €
Egg cup RHOMBE 5 cm, pink, Lyngby
13,95 € –15 %
11,85 €
Jam jar LEGIO NOVA 11 cm, Eva Solo
38 € –20 %
30,40 €
Butter dish BASIC M, Blomus
61,15 €
Butter dish BASIC S, stainless steel, Blomus
47,89 €
Butter dish DRESSED, 12 cm, white, Alessi
70 €
Butter dish GOOD GRIPS 20 cm, white, plastic, OXO
14,76 € –8 %
13,50 €
Butter dish RIO 17,5 cm, coral, Koziol
7,95 €
Butter dish RIO 17,5 cm, natural ash grey, plastic, Koziol KOZ7619701
Butter dish RIO 17,5 cm, natural desert sand, plastic, Koziol KOZ7619700
Butter dish RIO 17,5 cm, natural leafy green, plastic, Koziol KOZ7619703
Butter dish RIO 17,5 cm, natural wood colour, plastic, Koziol KOZ7619702
doza na maslo ship shape alessi cerna 1
28 €
Butter dish WAGENFELD, WMF
29,99 € –23 %
22,90 €
stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi cerny bily 1
22 €
stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi modry
22 €
181574 stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi ruzovy
22 €
Egg cup GRAND CRU, set of 2 pcs, white, Rosendahl
23,95 €
Egg cup HAMMERSHOI SPRING, set of 2 pcs, 5 cm, white, Kähler KHL693252
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Small serving dishes – providing you with varieties for an elegant dining experience

What are the small serving dishes that I could use on my table?

Small serving dishes are varius dishes designed for serving specific type of food. They are:

and many more.

Why do small serving dishes make your table look elegant?

For a variety of reasons, using small serving dishes can add elegance to your table:

  • Presentation: You can serve your food in an appealing and eye-catching style by using small serving plates. Small dishes allow you to arrange food in a more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Portion Control: Small serving dishes facilitate portion control, which is beneficial for formal occasions or dinner parties. You can offer the appearance of abundance while still making sure that your visitors don't overeat.
  • Variety: You can offer a wide range of various items on your table by using small serving plates. You can give your visitors a more dynamic and enjoyable dining experience by providing a variety of little dishes.
  • Convenience, cleanliness and order: By using small serving dishes you order your table, make all the ingredients easy to find and put back to the fridge, kitchen etc.

What are the materials used in making small serving dishes?

Small serving dishes can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the design. When checking our collection of dining table accessories always think about the style of your interir and the atmosphere you want to introduce at the table. Typical materials are:

Porcelain or ceramics: Small serving dishes are often made of porcelain or ceramics because of their durability and adaptability. They are a fashionable touch to any table setting and come in a variety of colours and designs.

Glass: Glass serving utensils are a further well-liked choice. These can be used both in classic and modern interiors

Stainless steel: stainless steel serving accessories will look good in minimalistic kitchens and dining areas, They are durable and easy to clean.

Plastic: For more relaxed table setting, plastic serving accessories are a more cost-effective and practical solution. They are available in a variety of colours and patterns, are lightweight and strong.

Our serving dishes at Kulina are meticulously crafted by renowned manufacturers like Alessi, Blomus, WMF, and Koziol.