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Drip coffee machine SENSE CM693110, white, Tefal
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Slow drip coffee maker 1 l, glass, Eva Solo
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181769 kavovar pulcina alessi 70 ml cerny 1 ALMDL021BB
Coffee maker KULT, WMF
Coffee maker KULT, WMF
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Coffee maker LASZLO 1 l, silver, Philippi
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Filter for cold brew NOHR, black, stainless steel, Stelton SN613
French press coffee maker 1 l, Leopold Vienna
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French press coffee maker 350 ml, copper, Leopold Vienna LV01529
French press coffee maker 350 ml, Leopold Vienna LV01534
French press coffee maker 600 ml, shiny, Leopold Vienna LV117013
French press coffee maker 800 ml, copper, Leopold Vienna LV01519
French press coffee maker EM77 1 l, black, Stelton
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French press coffee maker EM77 1 l, white, Stelton
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French press coffee maker LUXE 350 ml, Leopold Vienna LV01535
French press coffee maker THEO 800 ml, black, Stelton SNX636
Mocha Jug 340 ml, WMF
Mocha Jug 340 ml, WMF
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Coffee makers – a convenient way to make your coffee at home

What is a coffee maker?

Coffee makers are simple devices made specifically for making coffee at home. They are many different kinds of coffee makers such as:

  • Slow drip: Slow drip coffee makers, also known as pour-over coffee makers, have become increasingly popular among coffee enthusiasts in recent years. Unlike traditional drip coffee makers that rely on a machine to distribute water evenly over grounds, slow drip coffee makers require the user to pour hot water over the coffee grounds manually. This allows for greater control over the brewing process and can result in a more flavorful and nuanced cup of coffee. Slow drip coffee makers come in a variety of styles, from simple glass carafes to more elaborate setups with multiple chambers and filters. They require a bit more effort than traditional coffee makers, but many coffee lovers find the process to be meditative and enjoyable.
  • French press: This simple brewing technique includes steeping ground coffee in hot water and pressing the mixture through a metal filter. French press coffee is known for its rich flavor and full body, as the metal mesh filter allows the oils and flavors to pass through, unlike paper filters which can absorb them. French press coffee makers are popular among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the simplicity and control it offers in the brewing process.
  • Stovetop espresso coffee makers: Stovetop espresso coffee makers, also known as Mokka coffee makers, are a popular and affordable way to make espresso-like coffee at home. The coffee made with this type of coffee maker is stronger and richer than regular drip coffee, with a thick, velvety crema on top. Stovetop espresso makers come in various sizes and styles, and are a great alternative to expensive espresso machines or manual brewing methods.
  • Specialized: Some contemporary coffee makers don't really fall into the categories listed above and thus, are categorised as a specialised coffee makers.

What are the benefits of brewing coffee at home with your own coffee maker?

Making coffee at home has many advantages, which include:

  • Cutting costs: Making coffee at home is typically far less expensive than purchasing it from a coffee shop. The savings can really mount up over time.
  • Convenience: Making coffee at home means you can satisfy your caffeine cravings without leaving the house. You don't need to bother about getting dressed and going out when you can have a cup of coffee while still in your jammies.
  • Customization: While making coffee at home, you can decide exactly how it should taste, how strong it should be, and how it should be brewed.
  • Health benefits: Coffee has been associated with a variety of advantages, such as a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, as well as several cancers. You can be confident you're utilising quality, fresh ingredients that are devoid of preservatives and other additives when you make coffee at home.
  • Sustainability: By using reusable filters and avoiding throwaway cups and packaging while making coffee at home, you can help minimise waste. You can also decide to utilise organic, fair-trade coffee beans that are cultivated and collected sustainability.

At Kulina, we also have also a wie selection of automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines that are used to make coffee, as well as coffee grinders for grinding coffee.