Pancake pans

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Pancake pan MINERAL B BOIS 27 cm, de Buyer
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Pancake pan MINERAL B ELEMENT 27 cm, steel, de Buyer
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Pancake pan PANCAKE TIME D5292072 25 cm, black, aluminium, Tefal
Pancake pan SMILEY FACE, Nordic Ware
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Poffertjes pan 32 cm, cast iron, Petromax
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Pancake pans - not only kids love them!

Pancake pans are perfect tools for all lovers of pancakes and fans of sweet breakfasts. A good pancake pan will also be an indispensable kitchen helper for all parents of kids who love pancakes no matter what is the time of the day or the season (see which of our pans parents choose most often and check our best-selling pancake pans here).

What is a pancake pan?

A pancake pan is a special pan designed to help you make perfect pancakes in just minutes. A pan for making pancakes is usually characterised by:

  • holes for pancakes (usually from 3 to 7 holes of different diameters, sometimes featuring creative, decorative motifs)
  • no edges
  • high-quality non-stick surface
  • long handle
  • suitability for use in very high temperatures

When using a pancake pan make sure to use a wooden or silicone spatula to protect the delicate, non-stick surface from scratches.

Making pancakes doesn’t have to be boring! There are many ways to make them attractive and the easiest way is to play with ingredients. You can add blueberries, bananas or other fruit, chocolate chips, peanut butter or different types of sauces to change their look and taste almost every day.

Pancake pans - which to choose

In Kulina you will find a wide selection of pancake pans made from steel, aluminium or iron, that will help you make perfect, golden pancakes whenever you feel like having something sweet for breakfast. Among our favourites are legendary pancake pans by French brand de Buyer, which specialises in perfect crêpes and pancakes offering you high-quality cooking pans that will last a lifetime and will be a perfect addition to every kitchen.

Make sure to also check our selection of crêpe pans which will enable you to prepare both – thin crepes and fluffy pancakes and read our complete guide on pans here.