Manicure accessories

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Foot scraper BC BOX, blue, Microplane
20 €
Beard scissors BT TWINOX M, Zwilling
52,26 € –10 %
46,76 €
Beauty tweezers BT TWINOX M, Zwilling
30 €
Beauty tweezers CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling
12,20 €
Beauty tweezers TWINOX 9 cm, pointed, Zwilling
53,27 €
Blackhead remover BT TWINOX, Zwilling
20,45 € –5 %
19,31 €
Cuticle nipper CLASSIC INOX, 1/2" blade, Zwilling
47,76 € –8 %
43,71 €
Cuticle nipper CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling
72,28 €
Cuticle pusher 2 in 1 TWINOX, Zwilling
21,68 € –15 %
18,30 €
Cuticle scissors CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling
34,84 € –13 %
30,09 €
Cuticle scissors TWINOX, Zwilling
57,13 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, green, Microplane
19,49 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, natural, Microplane
20,45 € –20 %
16,26 €
Foot scraper BC BOX, pink, Microplane
20,33 €
Hair trimmer TWINOX, Zwilling
51,24 € –7 %
47,17 €
Keychain with nail cutter BT CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling ZW42445000
Kids manicure set BT TWINOX, 3 pcs, elephant, Zwilling ZW97090008
Kids nail scissors CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling
30 €
Manicure set BT CLASSIC INOX, 5 pcs, red, Zwilling ZW97546003
Manicure set BT TWINOX, 4 pcs, black, Zwilling
114 € –9 %
103 €
Manicure set CLASSIC INOX, 3 pcs, black, Zwilling
69,48 € –6 %
65,06 €
Manicure set CLASSIC INOX, 4pc, black, Zwilling
105 € –15 %
89,05 €
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Manicure accessories – do something special to your nails

Manicure and pedicure accessories - are they really so important?

Since fingernails and even hair can harbour dirt and germs, proper nail hygiene is absolutely necessary and it includes carefully cleaning and trimming them. Short fingernails should be maintained and high-quality nail accessories are very helpful in keeping them clean and nice.

When taking care of your nails at home, accidents can be avoided by knowing which manicure instruments are necessary and how to use them. When not handled properly, some highly sharp nail care equipment might cut or damage your skin. Manicure sets include all the basic tools that can be used both at home and when travelling. A high-quality manicure set that will last for years in an elegant leather case makes also a great gift for her.

Accessories for manicures and their applications:

  • Foot Scrapers

To remove corns or thicker calluses, most foot scrapers feature one side that is harsher than the other. For buffering your skin, you can also apply the rougher side first and then the finer-grained side.

  • Glass Nail Files

After the nail has been clipped by nail clippers the edges of the fingernails will be smoothened and rounded with a glass nail file, which has a glass-based abrasive surface.

  • Cuticle clippers

A Cuticle clipper (also called cuticle nipper) is a manicure and pedicure tool used by professionals to trim tough cuticles and hangnails, thin fingernails and toenails in tight places, but also to trim ingrown nails.

  • Nail clipper

A nail clipper is a hand instrument used to trim fingernails, toenails, and hangnails. It is also referred to as a nail trimmer, nail cutter, or nipper type.

  • Beard Scissors

You may trim your beard to the desired form by taking as much or as little length off as you like with a good pair of beard scissors. Scissors are also excellent for removing the obstinate split ends that extend outward from your face.

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