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Brandy glass FONTAINE 670 ml, Holmegaard
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Holmegaard - glasses and small pieces of jewellery for glass lovers

Holmegaard, a Danish design icon and a well-known producer of both mouth-blown and machine-blown glass was founded by Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe in 1825. She pursued her late husband’s dream of creating glasswork and transformed it into an artistic and aesthetic brand that is still – even after 200 years after it was born - relevant and impactful when it comes to home décor and functional design.

The story of the brand starts with a couple of small glass workshops that over the years developed into a large, modern company. The most important moments in the brand’s history were marked by the following dates and designs:

  • In 1906, the first wine glass series was designed,
  • in 1928, the famous JEB 65 vase was created by Jacob E. Bang
  • In 1942 Per Lütken started to work for the brand and gave life to more than 3,000 glass products
  • in 1969 the Fontaine series of glasses was designed by Michael Bang
  • in 1985 Holmegaard joined Royal Copenhagen
  • in 2008 Holmegaard was taken over by the Rosendahl Design Group

Holmegaard - mouth- and machine-blown glass of the highest quality

Being one of the most popular Scandinavian brands, Holmegaard offers machine- and mouth-blown glass produced using the latest and most advanced technologies. Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and handmade by the glassblower.

Machine-blown glass, on the other hand, goes through an advanced production method that requires specially manufactured tools and high precision to ensure the same high quality as mouth-blown glass.

Holmegaard is popular for its decorative vases in different shapes, sizes and colours, decorative but still practical bowls, beautiful lanterns and a wide offer of glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Company’s mission and vision

Holmegaard as a brand stays loyal to its heritage. Its mission is to create functional and decorative products with a passion for craftsmanship. The company tries to push the boundaries of what is possible when working with glass and strives to show its customers how light can be reflected in the glass. Playing with optical effects is an important part of every single design from Holmegaard's catalogue.

Holmegaard’s mission is not only to produce functional glass (like wine glasses) but also to provide modern users with glass items that they can use as small pieces of luxury in their everyday life or display as glass art in their homes.

Holmegaard’s designers and design icons

Over the years, many designers and artists have helped ensure Holmegaard’s development and popularity. To this day, some of Denmark’s best artists contribute to how Holmegaard’s glass looks.

Among famous designers working for Holmegaard were Per Lütken, Jacob E. Bang, Cecilie Manz, Maria Berntsen, Peter Svarrer and Arne Jacobsen – one of the 20th century most famous Scandinavian designers and a father of functional design.

Two of the design icons by Holmegaard are Cocoon Vase designed by Peter Svarrer and the Provence bowl designed by Per Lütken.

Peter Svarrer (the master of light) has been working for Holmegaard since 1997 and apart from designing the Cocoon vase which in 2023 celebrates its 20th birthday, he also created the well-known and functional Future and Cabernet collection and tealight holders from the Reflections series.

Over the years the Provence bowl by Per Lütken, with its gentle shapes, soft colours and feminine and delicate look, has been blown in many different colours and sizes. Each Provence bowl is unique and blown without using a mould and therefore the bowls from the series may vary in size and shape.

Check what we have for you in Kulina and fall in love with glass products by Holmegaard which will become elegant decorations of your table and home.