Knife cases

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Knife blade cover 2,2 x 8 cm, Zwilling
10,21 € –22 %
7,93 €
Knife blade cover 3,2 x 20 cm, Zwilling
11,68 € –21 %
9,15 €
Knife bag, for 7 knives, Zwilling
98,79 € –12 %
85,99 €
Knife blade cover 2,2 x 13 cm, Zwilling
10,21 € –20 %
8,13 €
Knife blade cover 5 x 26,5 cm, Zwilling
11,68 € –14 %
9,96 €
Knife blade cover, for KIRITSKUKE knife 20 cm, wood, Yaxell YAX37284
Knife blade cover, for Santoku knife 16,5 cm, wood, Yaxell YAX37281
Knife case, for 18 knives, Wüsthof
228 €
Knife case, for 24 knives, Wüsthof
383 €
Knife sheath 37 g, natural brown, leather, deejo
17,28 €
Knife sheath for 37 g knife, brown mocca, leather, deejo DJDEE502
Knife sheath for a Forged butcher's knife, leather, Forged FORGEDSDV621077
Knife sheath for filleting Forged filleting knife, leather, Forged FORGEDSDV620896
Knife sheath for chef's knife 22 cm, leather, Forged FORGEDSDV620865
Knife sheath for Santoku knife 14 cm, leather, Forged FORGEDSDV621015
Knife sheath for Santoku knife 18 cm, leather, Forged FORGEDSDV620988
Knives rolling sheath, black, leather, F.DICK
160 €

Knife Cases – knife guards and knife sleeves for your kitchen treasures

Knife cases are one of the best solutions if you want to protect your knives and as knives are very often an investment it’s good to make sure they stay in good condition for as long as possible.

Knife cases don’t take up much space in your kitchen drawers, do not take any space on your kitchen worktops so they are a nice alternative for a knife block. There are also different types of knife cases:

- single knife protective cases often called knife guards, knife protection sheaths or knife sleeves, made from leather, felt, a special type of viscose or some other knife-friendly material

- knife cases that hold even up to 24 knives (they are made of wood or metal and can be quite big)

- textile knife protectors that hold many knives and thanks to the handle, make it easy to transport them

Why do you need a knife case?

Kitchen knives should be stored separately. Otherwise, their blades will get blunt faster or may get chipped. Knife sleeves don’t take up much space in your drawers and are a good way to store knives that you don’t use very often. The best solution is to have a matching knife sleeve for every special-purpose knife in your kitchen as well as your chef’s knife which is every cook’s best friend!

What are the best methods to store your kitchen knives?

Apart from knife cases there are also other methods for storing your kitchen knives correctly and in Kulina, you will find all the options. If you have some spare space on your kitchen worktop, you can go for a stylish knife block or a magnetic knife rack that you can mount on your wall which is a space-saving option.