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Watering can PLANTO 1,5 l, Blomus
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Watering cans – a must have for every plant lover

Watering cans are gardening tools that are used to hydrate plants, flowers, and other vegetation. They typically have a reservoir for holding water, a spout for controlling the flow of water, and a handle for carrying and pouring convenience.

At Kulina, we offer designer watering cans from renowned manufacturers like Blomus, Eva Solo or Hübsch. They are available in a variety of sizes, and styles, and they can be made of different materials including metal, steel, plastic and glass.

What are the types of watering cans available on Kulina?

Our watering cans are available in a variety of sizes, and styles to meet a range of gardening requirements. Among the watering can varieties we have are the following:

  • Traditional watering can: This model simply features a vessel, handle, and spout.
  • Watering can with a long spout: This model's longer spout makes it simpler to water seedlings, hanging flower pots, and plants that are difficult to reach.
  • Watering can with a narrow spout: This watering can's narrow nozzle makes it easier to control the water flow.
  • Decorative watering cans: These are watering cans designed to be attractive and decorative, often featuring original shapes that make them suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration and that look stylish and attractive.

What are the benefits of using a watering can?

There are various advantages to using a watering can, such as:

  • Controlled watering: When watering your plants, you have the ability to manage the amount of water that is poured on them. This is essential for tender seedlings and plants with shallow roots. The water flow can be changed as needed, and you can control how much water you pour out.
  • Accessibility: A watering can is a lightweight instrument that can be used in places where water hoses or sprinkler systems are not available. A watering can is light and easy to move around your garden, home or flat from one location to another.
  • Versatility: A watering can is a multipurpose tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including watering plants, cleaning patio furniture, and even serving as a garden accent.

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