Pan lids

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Pot lid 28 cm, glass, WOLL
Pot lid 28 cm, glass, WOLL
In stock (13 pcs)
19 €
Pan lid 26 cm, glass, WOLL
16,90 €
Lid for pots and pans from PURE-PRO COLLECTION 28 cm, Fissler FS84572286000
Pan lid 20 cm, Ballarini
Pan lid 20 cm, Ballarini
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11,49 €
Pan lid 20 cm, glass, WOLL
Pan lid 20 cm, glass, WOLL
In stock (13 pcs)
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Pan lid 24 cm, glass, Ballarini
16,49 €
Pan lid 24 x 24 cm, glass, WOLL
22,49 €
Pan lid 28 cm, glass, Ballarini
19,49 €
Pan lid 28 x 28 cm, glass, WOLL
23,49 €
Pan lid 30 cm, glass, WOLL
19 €
Pan lid 30 x 26 cm, glass, WOLL
23,49 €
Pan lid NORDIC KITCHEN 24 cm, for saute pan, Eva Solo ES280524
Pan lid ORIGINAL PROFI COLLECTION 30 cm, domed, metal, Fissler FS84823306000
Pot lid for 26 cm VITAVIT pressure cooker,Fissler FS62300026700
Pot lid MILADY 18 cm, de Buyer
38,71 € –9 %
34,90 €
Pot lid TWIN SPECIALS 24 cm, glass, Zwilling
35,49 €
Pot or pan lid TWIN SPECIALS 32 cm, Zwilling
60,99 €
Pot/ pan lid 28 cm, with wooden handle, de Buyer
41 €
Universal pan lid 20-24 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB346002
Universal pan lid 26-28 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB346003

Lid for your pan

Do you need a lid for pan?

Although most frying pans come without a lid you may need a lid if you want to:

  • bring something to a simmer or to a boil
  • keep heat and moisture in
  • cook faster and, as a result, use less energy
  • keep your kitchen clean as pan lid prevents the oils from frying from splattering and coating your kitchen walls and worktops with greasy spots

If you need a lid for your pan make sure you measure the diameter of your pan (from the inner rim) and buy a lid corresponding to that circumference.

You can choose from glass or metal pan lids of different shapes and sizes. Transparent, glass pan lids that we offer in Kulina make it easy to control the cooking process and some of them have special holes that allow steam and heat to escape. You can also choose a metal lid for a pan, if it will suit your set of pans better. And if you are looking for a universal lid that will be suitable for pans with different diameters, you can also choose a universal protective lid that prevents grease from splattering when frying and keeps the kitchen clean no matter what the diameter of your pot or pan.

If you want to make sure your kitchen stays clean and nice for a long time, please check also our offer of trivets and kitchen textiles that will make your kitchen space look stylish and well-organised.