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Milk jug PILAR 1 l, cream, Blomus
42,79 € –15 %
36,37 €
Milk jug PILAR 1 l, grey, Blomus
42,79 € –15 %
36,37 €
Milk jug PILAR 500 ml, grey, Blomus
21,37 € –15 %
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Sake bottle 350 ml, blue-green, MIJ
17,59 € –15 %
14,95 €
Sake bottle BLACK SCROLL 300 ml, MIJ
21,99 € –15 %
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Sake bottle BLUE DRIP 350 ml, MIJ
17,59 € –15 %
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Water jug BOSSA NOVA 1,2 l, Nachtmann
32,12 € –15 %
27,30 €
Water jug LEGIO NOVA 500 ml, Eva Solo
24,95 € –28 %
17,89 €
Water jug LEGIO NOVA, 1,6 l, Eva Solo
59,95 € –21 %
46,87 €
Water jug NOBLESSE 1 l, Nachtmann
35 € –19 %
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Water jug SABLO 1 l, sand, Blomus
43,35 € –15 %
36,84 €

Jugs – a generous container for your drinks

Which is better – a jug or a water carafe?

A jug is a large vessel with a handle, spout, and often with a lid that is made to serve and pour large volumes of liquid, whereas a water carafe is a smaller, more delicate and elegant container, often without a handle, frequently used to serve water at the table.

Jugs come in a variety of designs, colours and materials and are more casual. Water carafes are usually made of glass and fit fridge door to serve your water super cool. You can use jugs to serve different kinds of beverages on different occasions.

The ideal choice will differ according to the occasion and individual preferences. A water carafe is more appropriate for a smaller party or a more formal occasion when presentation and aesthetics are crucial as opposed to a jug, which is excellent for serving bigger parties or when a lot of drinks needs to be supplied.

What can you serve in a jug?

Jugs are adaptable containers that can be used to serve a range of drinks, depending on the jug's material and the occasion.

Jugs can be used to serve a huge range of beverages and even meals such as:

  • Water or herbal, fruit, or cucumber-infused drinks
  • Lemonade or other fruit drinks
  • Sweet tea or iced tea
  • Sangria or other alcoholic drinks made with fruit
  • Cider or beer
  • >Milk and other beverages made from dairy
  • Creamy soups or gazpacho

What are the types of jugs available on Kulina?

In Kulina, we offer different types of jugs in a wide variety of designs.They are:

  • Water jugs: large capacity jugs, usually with a handle, lid and spout, made to serve and pour water but also juice, lemonade, etc.
  • Water and iced tea carafes: elegant, usually made of glass carafes designed for serving water with lemon, ice and herbs
  • Creamers: Little milk jugs are used to serve milk or cream for coffee or tea
  • Gravy jugs: Containers have a handle and a spout that are used to hold and pour gravy or other sauces.
  • Flter jugs: jugs for filter water

Your choice of the jug will be influenced by its intended purpose as well as your aesthetic preferences.

At Kulina, we have jugs manufactured by reputable companies including Blomus, Eva Solo, and MIJ. And if you are looking for a nice water jug, don't forget about some matching water glasses to serve it with!