Roasting pans

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Roasting pans – not only for your Sunday roast or a Holliday dinner

Roasting dishes are perfect tools for those who love meat, have a big family or invite friends or family for dinners – not only during special occasions. A roasting pan or a roasting dish can be used for different culinary tasks and if you go for a quality product you get a kitchen tool you'll pass from one generation to another.

What is the difference between a roasting pan and a baking pan?

Roasting pans are usually bigger and heavier. They are designed for roasting large portions of meat and poultry, are made of different materials (thicker) and often come with lids. Casserole dishes are great for smaller portions of food, casseroles or lasagna and other dishes that don't require covered baking.

What can you use your roasting pan for?

A roasting pan is a very versatile tool and you can use it for many different dishes and culinary tasks such as:

    • roasting poultry (duck, chicken for your Xmas or Thanksgiving dinner)
    • roasting ham
    • roasting all types of meat
    • roasting vegetables for your soup, pate or dinner
    • making one-pot dishes (stews, goulash) directly in the oven

In Kulina we offer you a wide selection of high-quality roasting pans made by reliable manufacturers. They differ in size and in shape (some are oval some rectangular) and some are equipped with a lid. It’s good to invest in a roasting pan as these dishes often stay in your kitchen for your hole life and sometimes are even passed from one generation to another. Check our roasting dishes by WMF, Fissler or de Buyer and make sure you get a good recipe from your grandmother!

And if you are buying a roasting pan, make sure you have a nice trivet and oven gloves that will make roasting safe - both for you and your kitchen. And if you want to serve your dish directly to the table, choose a roasign dish by WMF and get yourself a matching wooden serving stand that will be a nice alternative to a classic trivet or pot pad.